Day 163

Romans 8:37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

As believers we have been given an unfair advantage.  God, because of His love for us, has made us more than conquerors.  I think most of us would have been okay if He had just made us conquerors, but because He’s so good He added the more part, making us better than a conqueror.

How is that even possible?  How can you be more than a conqueror?  A conqueror is someone who wins, who overcomes whatever obstacles get in their way.  A more than conqueror is someone who not only wins but loses nothing in the battle and comes out of it stronger, better than ever.  A more than conqueror is someone who has the victory even in the midst of their battle.  More than conquerors don’t just overcome, they above overcome.

Lance Armstrong conquered in the world of cycling.  He won the Tour De France a record breaking seven times in a row!  He was a beast on a bike!  But we are now finding out what people suspected all along, he was doping… using performance enhancing drugs.  If he had only won the Tour De France race one or two times, I doubt people would be so curious about the advantage he had over all of the other cyclists, but when he continued to conquer race after race, year after year everyone knew something was up.

When people look at your life they should be curious about how you keep winning no matter what comes your way.  They should begin to suspect that you are using some type of performance enhancing drug.  At first they might think it’s a positive attitude or perhaps you discovered Oprah’s secret, or maybe you are just lucky.  But eventually after they realize you aren’t just winning each battle that comes your way, but your faith is increasing, you are getting stronger, and your love for Jesus is intensifying through the process, they’ll catch on.  Your performance enhancing drug is a real relationship with the God who loved you so much He made you more than a conqueror.  Declare it today!

“In Jesus Christ, I am a conqueror who is utmost, paramount, foremost, first-rate, first-class and top-notch; greater, higher, and better than; superior to; preeminent, dominant, incomparable; more than a match for; unsurpassed, unequaled, and unrivaled by any challenge that would ever try to come against me! I declare this in Jesus’ name!”   – Rick Renner

  1. I am more than a conqueror! 
  2. Jesus is my performance enhancing drug.
  3. Gold gets refined in fire, we get refined through trials.
  4. We can be above overcomers, even in the midst of a trial.
  5. The awesome word declaration from Rick Renner.
  6. It snowed here this morning!!
  7. Snow is so beautiful.
  8. Got the kids bundled up and they had time to play in the snow before Gus had to leave for school.
  9. Beau was so excited about her very first snow!
  10. They both looked adorable in their stocking hats.
  11. Gus finally got to use all of the Batman snow gear my sister sent him last year.
  12. School was not cancelled!
  13. Beau got a baby wipe out to wipe her pretend grocery cart down.  I like when she pretends she’s me.
  14. Enjoyed being at home and playing with my sweet little girl all morning.
  15. Got to file W2 reports in my pajamas.
  16. Gus’ teacher brought snow inside for them to play with.
  17. Hot cocoa after school!
  18. Gus made me a pretty snowflake macaroni necklace and warned me not to eat it incase friends at school picked their nose and then touched the noodles.
  19. I don’t have an outdoor job.
  20. Playing “Pizza Factory” with Gus.  He had some great new recipes for me to try.
  21. The house smelled so good all day while my crock pot was hard at work.
  22. Delicious chicken bacon pasta for dinner.
  23. You can buy boneless skinless chicken breast!  I accidentally got the bone in chicken with skin… never again.
  24. Got to spend some time with my fellow GW Frisco pastor’s wives.  I really love those ladies!
  25. Being able to share hopes and things on my heart with such a great group of women.
  26. Kids did great for Josh.
  27. House was all picked up when I got home.

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