Day 162

The world does not revolve around you.  

Have you ever said that to your kids or has anyone ever said it to you?  I’m pretty sure my mom said it to me a few times when I was a teenager… and rightly so being that when I turned 15 up until I was 20 or so I thought that it did!  But if the world doesn’t revolve around me… or you, what does it revolve around?

The planet that we live on, known as Earth, revolves around the sun.  Our huge blue, green, and white ball revolves around the sun every 365 days.  The gravity of the sun keeps it orbit.  If there was no sun, our planet would travel in a straight line.  Who knows where it would go.  The calendar, the hours in a day, and the seasons, would all be totally unpredictable.  In order to have order, Earth has to have the sun to revolve around, God knew that when he created the solar system.

He created us to revolve around something too.  His Son, Jesus Christ.  Every day of every year our lives we should be revolving around Jesus.  I heard Steven Furtick say he was not putting Jesus first this year, instead he was putting Him in the center.  I love that thought.  So often we have our little list of what we value most and most people I know have a list that goes

#1 – Jesus, #2 – Family, #3 – Church, #4 – Work, #5 – Health…

Jesus is always at the top of our list and we make sure to tithe first, give Him the first part of our day, go to church at the first of the week, but we leave him out of the rest of our list.  He’s not first in our family, first in our career, first in our health, or first in our friendships.

Jesus wants to be involved in every area of your life.  He wants your world to revolve around Him- for you to be spinning around, letting Him shine light on everything that’s on your list, every day, throughout the entire year.  If your world does not revolve around Him, if He’s not what is keeping you from falling then your life is going to end up completely out of order.

In order to have order, we have to revolve around the Son!

Colossians 1:17 (Amp) And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together)

In Him ALL things are held together, so let Him be in the center of ALL of your things.

  1. The world does not revolve around me.
  2. The intricate way the universe works.
  3. The son!
  4. The sun!
  5. God will hold all the things in our life together when we let him be apart of all of those things.
  6. Good word from Steven Furtick.
  7. My morning greeting from my yellow fluffy haired boy.
  8. Gus made eggs for him and Beau this morning.
  9. A few minutes to worship in the car on the way back from the doctor’s office this morning!  I love when God’s presence is so very tangible.
  10. Bacon, Egg & Cheese biscuits.
  11. The awesome song Gus wrote for our praise and worship time this morning.
  12. Him singing it in his PJ pants, shirt off with his little boy body.  So adorable.
  13. The dollar store!
  14. Found some cute dancing flowers for Beau’s party.
  15. Beau ate a Peanut butter sandwich!  No more making different lunches for the kids everyday.
  16. My kids can have peanut butter!
  17. Buzz Lightyear puzzle that kept Gus busy most of the afternoon.
  18. Watching the kids go crazy and “shake their whole bodies!” during Little Einsteins.
  19. Made one of my mom’s old recipes for dinner.  Mexican Hoagies.  Good stuff!
  20. Josh gets to work with some of the most awesome men in ministry.
  21. Revolve by The Desperation Band.
  22. Got the save the date for my family’s 8th annual Monopoly tournament!  Looking forward to defending my title!
  23. In the presence of God is reality, you can trust what you hear!! – Trudi Blount
  24. Almost done with all of my end of the year book keeping for work.
  25. Working from my couch.
  26. When Beau tries to tell us something important with her very serious face and her very cute voice.
  27. “Horton Hears A Who.”  Read it for the first time with Gus tonight.  Dr. Seuss does it again!

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