Day 159

It’s amazing how the mind works.  I can be reading “Green Eggs & Ham” to my kids, doing character voices and everything while simultaneously making a grocery list in my head.  The green eggs remind me that I’m almost out of eggs and that reminds that I’m also almost out of paper towels and dishwashing liquid.  I’m there reading to my kids, but I’m somewhere else in my mind.

This happens at church too.  Last night praise and worship starts, I stand up, start to sing and then I realize that I had a mint on the way into service.  And then this train of thoughts occurred.  I wonder if that mint just broke my 21 day sugar fast.  Aw man!  Well if it did break my fast then I guess it would be okay to eat one of those cookies from Tiff’s Treats that Josh brought home.  I can’t wait to go there and try their fresh out of the oven cookies.  No, I’m sure it would be better to continue with the sugar fast.  I don’t want one peppermint to stop me.  I wonder how many days I have left of this.  Today is the 9th, 21 minus 9 is….  and then I snapped out of it.  I was able to quiet my mind and enter in and focus on what I was singing about and who I was singing too.

I didn’t even realize what happened until my Pastor got up and started talking about how important it is to be present.  To master the art of being wherever you are.  To not just be there physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  During those first few minutes of praise and worship I was there physically, but somewhere else in my head.

Our minds today probably have more going around in them than all of the minds before us.  We’ve got something to fill them with every second of the day- Emails, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Angry Birds, music, to-do lists, and an app for anything you could possibly need an app for.  Generations before us would have to sit quietly at a stop light and wait for it to turn green, we on the other hand can get out our iPhone and scroll through our Facebook feed to fill the dull moment.  Because heaven forbid there ever be a dull moment!

I think we need dull moments in our day.  I think we need to put down our devices and turn off the TV and let our minds get still and quiet.  I think it’s in those moments that we realize that God is always present.  He is the best at being there, all there, wherever He is.

Psalm 139:7 says Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?  The answer is nowhere.  God is always there, everywhere.  He can literally be in a million places at once but everywhere He is He is all there.  He’s not thinking about that other thing He has to do when He’s listening to your prayer.  He’s there, tracking with you all the way.

He gives us His undivided attention, we need to strive to do the same for Him.

De-clutter your mind, turn dull moments into divine moments, and wherever you are, be there… all there!

  1. God is always where He is.
  2. The reminder to always be where I am!
  3. Dull moments are okay and if we use them to seek God they can turn into divine moments.
  4. Sleeping in!
  5. Cuddling on the couch and watching The 3 Musketeers starring Mickey Mouse with Gussy and Beau.
  6. Did my make up alone, in silence while Josh entertained the kids.
  7. The happy looks on the faces of Josh & Gus while they were playing hide and seek Star Wars style.
  8. My dad had my mom to tell me the new show, Sophia The First, was starting today so Beau wouldn’t miss it.  So sweet.
  9. Purchased some pretty purple paint for Beau’s big girl room.
  10. Beau decided to take her diaper off and play with the stuff that came out of her diaper during nap time! Ah!  So glad Josh was home to help me give her a bath while I cleaned up her room.
  11. Exciting grocery shopping with the whole family.
  12. Fridge and pantry are stocked for the week.
  13. The “I’m Me” album by Charlie Hope.  My friend Julie gave it to my kids love it!
  14. Beau’s little singing voice.
  15. Relaxing afternoon spent mostly sitting on my big comfy couch.
  16. The Toy Story 3 game set my sister Mindy bought for Gus.  We played Checkers, Go Fish, Snap, and Bingo today.
  17. Beautiful weather!
  18. Found Gus a DVD of Batman cartoons.  Been waiting for those to come back down to $5!
  19. We asked Beau what she wanted for dinner and she said “Taco Bueno!”   I’m so proud of her!!
  20. We couldn’t say no… TB for dinner!
  21. Josh put all of the sheets back on Beau’s bed for me before I could even ask.
  22. The potty training section in Toddler Wise… Potty trained Gus in 3 days, looking for those kind of results with Beau in a few weeks when we are all set to start.
  23. Josh to Gus:  Do you think you deserve a spanking for that?  Gus to Josh:  You tell me dad.  – He’s good!
  24. Fun night hanging out with Josh.
  25. Got to see a pretty sunrise and a pretty sunset today.
  26. Josh organized all of our DVDs today.
  27. We reserved Beau’s spot as the flower girl in my niece Maleah’s future wedding.

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