Day 152

Isaiah 33:21 The Lord will be our Mighty One.  He will be like a wide river of protection that no enemy can cross, that no enemy ship can sail upon.  

This scripture might not mean much to us at first glance, but for Jerusalem, it had great significance.  Jerusalem did not have a river and rivers were kind of big deal back then.  Most great civilizations were located near one and this was not just coincidence.  Rivers provided access to trade and ways to irrigate the land during times when rain was scarce.  The Euphrates, the Nile, the Tigris… C’mon, think back to your 8th grade geography days.  These were all important rivers located near important civilizations.

The Lord let the people of Jerusalem know that He would be their river.  He would cause them to thrive and flourish right were they were.  He would be a flowing resource for them, providing whatever they needed, whatever they desired.

Unfortunately, rivers could also be a bad thing because they provided a path for enemy ships to sail upon.  If you didn’t have a river near you, you didn’t have to worry about attacks from enemy ships.  But God let the people of Jerusalem know that His river was different.  No enemy ships would be able to sail upon it.  Their sails would hang loose on broken masts with useless tackle.

What a blessing God wanted to provide.  All of the benefits of a river with none of the disadvantages.  That’s like someone offering me a puppy that stays a puppy forever.  A puppy that doesn’t shed, chew on things, or ever have to use the restroom, but it’s real and I can cuddle with it and it loves me.  It’s only a positive thing, there are no negatives attached, a win-win!

God wants to be your river.  Your lifeblood.  What you depend on to flourish.  And there are no disadvantages involved.  No annoyances.  No negatives.  God is a win-win God and He wants to be both your provider and your protector today.

  1. The beauty of God’s word.
  2. There is nothing negative about living for God!
  3. God is my provider and my protector.
  4. Waking up to a sweet little boy waiting by the side of my bed.
  5. Watching cartoons with Beau this morning.
  6. Listened to a great message on hope this morning that filled me with hope!
  7. Enjoyed my afternoon off researching more ideas for Beau’s birthday.
  8. Found some Minnie Mouse wall decals at Walgreens on sale.
  9. Taught Gus the pound cake, french fries hand shake thing.  He’s adorable when he does it.
  10. Josh set our Wii up so we can play old NES games!
  11. Gus played Super Mario Brothers for the first time today.  It’s like a right of passage.  He of course loved it.
  12. The music in Super Mario Brothers.
  13. Gus’ new video game minutes reward system is really working for him.
  14. We like so close to Ikea.
  15. Walking around and looking at all of the neat stuff with my sweet little family.
  16. Soft serve.
  17. Josh came along for weekly grocery shopping today.  Nice having a helper!
  18. We forgot our water on the bottom of the cart and when we drove back 15 minutes later it was still in the parking lot where we left it.
  19. Taco Bueno.
  20. Gus in his button up Spiderman PJs, so very excited as he was talking to us about Super Mario Brothers.
  21. Josh cleaned up all the toys strung around the house while I was taking my bath.
  22. 2 healthy kiddos that string toys around the house.
  23. My iPod played some awesome songs for me tonight when I was running a few errands.
  24. Chapstick.
  25. Gus thanked God for Super Mario Brothers before bed.
  26. The ability to rewind the referee’s fall during the OU game…  I’m a sucker for slapstick.
  27. Josh knows I’m a sucker for slapstick and rewound it like 10 times for me.  Good, good laugh.

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