Day 150

Yesterday I wrote about Moses and the battle that he helped Joshua win through fervent prayer.  Moses could actually see his prayers at work as he was praying.  Today I read a prayer of David.  A prayer that was offered up without any physical evidence as to weather or not it worked.

In Psalm 28 verses 1-5 David prays, he cries out to God and asks Him for help.  He asks that God keep him away from wicked people and that their evil deeds would be repaid… that they would get what they deserved.

In the very next verses, Psalm 28:6-7, He says, Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplications. The Lord is my Strength and my [impenetrable] Shield; my heart trusts in, relies on, and confidently leans on Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song will I praise Him.

How does he know God heard his prayer?  He just prayed it a few seconds ago.  There’s no way he could have known if what he prayed had any effect on his life or the lives of the wicked people he mentioned.  David was acting in faith… great, great faith.

He had no physical evidence, yet he was convinced God heard his prayer.  He knew the words he prayed did not evaporate into thin air.  He knew they had made it into the ears of the God he trusted, relied on, and leaned on.  He knew help was on the way.  He was so sure of it he rejoiced!  He was so sure of it he offered up a song of praise!

What a great challenge for us today.  What have you been praying for, crying out to God about, yet have no earthly idea if your prayers are accomplishing what you sent them out to accomplish?  Whatever it is, trust that God has heard your voice.  Your strength and shield, your helper… He’s on His way.  Rejoice by faith!  Sing a song of praise by faith!  Be as sure of your answered prayer as you would be if you already had it because you serve a faithful God!

What we win by prayer we must wear by praise – Matthew Henry

  1. The Lord has heard my voice of supplication.
  2. The Lord is my strength and shield.
  3. The bounce in Beau’s step.
  4. Good Bible time with the kids this morning.
  5. Gus loved acting out the story of Moses praying on the hill while Joshua battled the Amalekites with all of his action figures.
  6. Gus and Beau thanked me for the eggs I made them for breakfast.
  7. The Love Expressed devotional.
  8. The Love Expressed CD.  I enjoyed listening to it all day.  So good!
  9. Left our jam box in Tulsa, but we got it back today.  I missed that thing.
  10. Missed my husband today!  I’m glad I miss him when he’s not around.
  11. Got lots of work done this afternoon.
  12. Jake and The Neverland Pirate activity books.  Kept the kids active this morning and Gus blew me away with his letter writing and maze solving skills.
  13. Got to spy on Beau while she was trying to fall asleep for her nap.  She was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her Piglet.  Too cute for words.
  14. Turkey fried rice.
  15. Even though the line was out the door at the post office I got in and out in 2 minutes.  So glad someone was there to help people who were just picking up packages.
  16. Josh thought of a great new reward system for Gus.  Instead of sticker charts for toys, he’s earning video game minutes.
  17. Beau asked me to hold her tight.
  18. My mom shared an awesome testimony with me about a lady she prayed through rehab.  I love how my mom happened across this lady and invested time and energy into her and she’s now hearing about the fruit of it.
  19. Playing Battle Arena with Gussy.
  20. Let the kids skip bath time so we could keep playing with them.
  21. Prayer night with Josh.
  22. We got to spend time rejoicing and thanking God by faith for the prayers we’ve prayed that He has heard.
  23. Josh listens to my advice.
  24. I met my water drinking goal.
  25. God orders our steps.
  26. Gathering ideas for Beau’s party online.
  27. Almonds.  We eat a ton of those things every January.

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