Day 149

Exodus 17:15 And Moses built an altar and called its name, the-LORD-Is-My-Banner;

This was shortly after Joshua and his men won a battle against the Amalekites.  Moses was getting too old to physically battle, but he did his part.  He went to the top of a hill and prayed his heart out.  When he prayed Israel prevailed, when he stopped praying Amalek prevailed.  He could see the battle from the hill.  He could see his prayers were working and the effect they had on the battle.  So he kept praying.  He prayed so intensely that he began to grow weak.  He had to have Aaron and Hur pull up a seat for him and help him keep his hands raised in prayer.  Joshua defeated Amalek and his people with the edge of a sword.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our prayer life were like that.  If we could get up every morning, sit at the top of our stairs, enter into prayer and behold with our physical eyes the effectiveness of what we were doing.  It would make it a lot easier to spend time in prayer if we could see the fruit of it right then and there.  Like Moses, I’m sure we would be more motivated to pray until we were exhausted.  To pray until we could no longer hold our own arms up.  But most of the time, at least for me, that’s not the case.

When I pray I can’t see all that’s happening with my two eyes, or four if I haven’t put my contacts in yet.  I pray, I look around the house and everything is the same… in the natural.  I can’t see the angels that I sent out to protect my family.  I can’t see the favor surrounding me like a shield.  I can’t see the spirit of fear running out of the house.  I can’t see the peace of God that guards my heart.  I can’t see the fresh supply of strength God is giving me.  I can’t see the shield of faith I’m carrying.  But it’s all there… it’s all happening in the spiritual realm.

Moses’ prayers were the difference between life and death for Joshua and the Israelites.  He could see that.  It was obvious.  The time we spend in prayer could be the difference between life and death for ourselves and the ones we pray for.  This praying stuff is serious business.  Your prayers have an effect on your life.  Maybe not one you can see right away, but the things that are happening in the spirit when you pray are just as real as what Moses could see happening when he was praying up on that hill.

  1. Prayer is so powerful!
  2. Things really are happening in the spiritual realm when we pray prayers of faith.
  3. I was going a whole different direction when I sat down to write this and then God showed up and started taking over my keyboard.
  4. Beau told us that she has Jesus in her heart.
  5. Our church does such a great job at reinforcing what we teach our kids at home.
  6. Gus loves his new Optimus Prime costume so much he won’t even toot in it… takes it off for that.
  7. Josh vacuumed the whole house today!
  8. The Rose Parade.  I don’t think I’ve watched it since I’ve been married, but I really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing things made from flowers.
  9. Beau pretending she was in the parade and waving back at the people waving on the floats.
  10. God gave Josh a song in the night.
  11. The words of the song ministered to me this morning.
  12. I can always talk to Josh and feel better.
  13. Found a tic tac toe game in all of the cleaning of closets yesterday and Gus loves it.
  14. I got Beau a quilt, sheet set, quilted pillow case, and duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids all for 97 CENTS!!  Thank you Black Friday bounce back and reward points!  I saved $215!
  15. Everything we got was on sale too!
  16. Gus got to play an arcade game at the mall.  He was so excited.  He talked about it the whole way home.
  17. We smashed our 17 football catches in a row record tonight… new record, 39 catches!!!
  18. Gus’ little face watching the ball so intensely, but smiling the whole time.  Oh he’s so cute!
  19. Tasty and healthy dinner!
  20. I had an assistant in the kitchen tonight.  Sous Chef Josh.
  21. The house feels so roomy and so organized.
  22. Gus was okay with taking the last tree down.
  23. Josh had the day off again!  We’ve had so much time together this Christmas break.
  24. Movie night with Josh.
  25. Sitting close and cuddling the whole movie through.
  26. Beau loves to race.
  27. Got some much needed filing done today.  I can see my desk again!

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