Day 148

I don’t have anything against New Year resolutions, I just never make them.  This year however I have been fascinated by the word resolve which is the root word for resolution.

Resolve means to deal with successfully.  To make obsolete, to dissolve.

God is a God of resolve!  In fact, He has already dealt successfully with any issue that needs resolving in our lives.

Jesus came to the earth with a resolution.

John 4:34 My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.

His resolution was to finish the work of His father.  To destroy the power of Satan.  To set the captives free.  To satisfy the demands of justice.  To pay our debt in full.  To purchase eternal life for us.  To redeem us from the curse of the law.

And He, unlike so many people who break their resolutions, kept His.

John 19:30 So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.  

He set out to finish the works of His father, and He did.  His last words as He hung from the cross were “It is finished!”   It was a victory cry!  The cry of a winner!  He successfully dealt with the power of Satan, set the captives free, paid our debt, redeemed us from the curse of the law, and secured our eternity!

Jesus resolved everything for us.

If you are into making resolutions, resolve to trust in the finished work of the cross in 2013.  Remember, IT IS FINISHED!

  1. Jesus kept His resolution.
  2. It is finished!
  3. Jesus resolved an annoying health issue I has been dealing with!
  4. He taught me the difference between believing for relief and believing for resolve!
  5. I will never forget 2012.  What a year.  God has done so much in our lives.
  6. Gus slept til 8 a.m. this morning.
  7. The overcast and rainy day.
  8. Me and Beau got to have breakfast, just the two of us.
  9. Making room for increase day.
  10. Cleaned out the guest room closet!!
  11. Josh hung some new shelves in Gus’ closet.
  12. Sent several huge tubs of old toys and clothes up into the attic.
  13. Space saver bags!  Those things are awesome.
  14. The kids played so good while me and Josh worked so hard.
  15. Found Gus laid across a stair playing his new video game.  He fit perfectly.
  16. Found a bag full of diapers Gus never used in Beau’s size.
  17. Josh had the day off!
  18. The boys talked me into one last Whataburger before the 21 day fast.
  19. Beau chanting “Whataburger” and “French Fries” very loudly as we walked in.
  20. Protection!  My niece Maleah noticed smoke coming from the laundry room while everyone else was asleep.  Their dryer was on fire, but they were able to put it out and no harm was done to anything except the dryer.
  21. My sister’s reminder to clean those dryer vents and lint filters!
  22. Brave movie night with the kids.
  23. Josh put both kids to bed so I could take a bath.
  24. My parents always made New Year’s Eve fun for us growing up, with lots of snacks and board games.
  25. Quiet night in with my favorite person.
  26. In bed by 11!  Midnight is not my thing.
  27. Success for the new year will not be determined by what God does.  It will be determined by what you DO with what Jesus already DID. – Ken Blount

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