Day 146

I woke up today looking forward to getting back to my early morning prayer and study time.  Since a new year will start in just 3 days I decided to spend some time praying about 2013.  As I was praying I felt like I heard the words “wide open.”  That’s usually how God speaks to me.  Just a couple of words like that.  After he gives me a few words I enjoy looking them up in the Bible and getting more insight into what God’s telling me.  So this morning I pulled up my YouVersion app and did a search for “wide open” and after a few minutes I found the scripture I knew God wanted me to find.

Psalm 81:10 …Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.

My daughter Beau will turn two in March.  She’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, but she’s also very… shall we say… stubborn.  It sort of runs in the family.  She’s especially stubborn about opening her mouth.  Trying to get that girl to take medicine or vitamins is not an easy task.  If I can succeed in prying her mouth open, she spits out whatever I get in, even if it tastes like candy.  I usually end up putting things like that in her milk.  She’s not a big fan of brushing her teeth either.  She wants to do it herself and when I try to help she closes her mouth up nice and tight.  Eating is the same way.  Good luck getting her to try anything new upon your suggestion.  It has to be her idea or her lips are sealed.

The things I try to fill her mouth with are good things.  Vitamins to keep her healthy, medicine to make her feel better, a toothbrush to keep her from getting cavities, and food for her nourishment,  but she doesn’t understand all of that.  She just think I’m messing with her.  She thinks I’m just trying to make her uncomfortable.

God has good things that He wants to fill our lives with, but sometimes we are too stubborn to open wide and we miss out on those good things.  He asks us to do something that wasn’t part of our plan and we sit with our jaw clenched, getting drained instead of fulfilled.

I am entering 2013 with a wide open mouth.  I’m saying to the Lord, I trust you and your plans for my life.  I won’t miss out on the good things you have for me and my family because I don’t want to get uncomfortable.  I know you would never do anything just to mess with me.  I want what you want.  I know that if I open wide you will fill my life with blessing.  I believe 2013 is wide open, if I’ll agree to open wide.

  1. God still speaks.
  2. Back to my early morning prayer and study time.
  3. 2013 is wide open!
  4. I love that God let me know He’s got good things in store for our family next year, we just need to willing to open wide.
  5. Seemed like I was the only person at Target this morning.
  6. Our fridge now has something besides cough syrup in it!  I filled it and my pantry up with lots of healthy food!
  7. Boogie wipes.  Those work so great and Beau doesn’t get mad when I use one like she does with Kleenex.
  8. Enjoyed cooking dinner this afternoon.
  9. Found some Disney Princess ornaments for Beau.
  10. The little bits of left over snow around town.
  11. Gus’ Eagle Talon Castle is not only fun for him, but for me too!
  12. My niece Afton got to come to church with me tonight.
  13. My niece’s dad lives only 15 minutes away from us.
  14. Worship tonight was so good!
  15. I got to hear Josh do some preaching and he did awesome.
  16. He looked so handsome!
  17. Pastor Randy.  So blessed to have such an awesome pastor at the Frisco campus.
  18. An awesome couple at church took time to tell Josh & I thank you for giving them some ideas on how to teach their little girl about Christmas.
  19. Got to catch up with Afton on the drive home.
  20. Beau’s teachers at church told me how smart she is when I picked her up.
  21. Good turkey chili for dinner.
  22. Beau requested “Frosty the Snowman” for her goodnight song.
  23. Beau opened her mouth and ate her dinner so good!
  24. Routine.  I am enjoying getting back into our regular routine.
  25. My sweet friend Nikki posted she couldn’t wait to read my book.  So encouraging!
  26. Got to hear Matt Redman’s story behind 10,000 reasons on the radio on the way home and then the song.  I have never had a song touch my heart like that one.  Gets me every time.
  27. Gus was so sweet trying to show Beau how to play with her Princess castle.  I could tell she was so surprised that her bubba was playing with princesses!
  28. Tucking in my sweet boy in his button up Spider Man PJs.

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