Day 142

As this Christmas season comes to an end I am so thankful to have come across this scripture about giving.

2 Corinthians 9:12 (NIRV) Your gifts meet the needs of God’s people. And that’s not all. Your gifts also cause many people to thank God.

There are ample opportunities to give in December.  You can donate to Saint Judes when you are paying for your purchases at the cash register, there are people ringing bells and collecting donations at all of the grocery stores, angel trees are decorated with the names of children in need, toys for tots collection boxes are easy to spot at all of the toy stores, and schools are collecting coats and canned food items.

Giving is on everyones mind (at least it should be!) this time of year.  But once January rolls around the angel trees get put away, the bell ringers leave their posts and we get focused on the new year.  The spirit of giving goes back into hiding until next Christmas.

God’s people are called to be year round givers!  Of course we tithe and give offerings at church year round, but we should be giving to meet the personal needs of people that come across our paths throughout the year as well.  I’ve never seen this until today… when we give to others we cause them to thank God, and thanking God opens up His gates.  We enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts.

What a great “If You Give A Moose A Muffin” moment.

If you give a brother in need a gift, he’s going to be thankful to God.

When he’s thankful to God, he’s going to enter into His gates.

When he enters into His gates, he’s going to obtain the help and favor he needs to get through his day.

When he gets help and favor he’ll be reminded of the gift that you gave him, and chances are he will want to give a gift to someone in his life that has a need. 

Giving is not a seasonal thing.  Look for people to bless all year round and you’ll be giving them an opportunity to thank God and enter into His gates.

  1. The cause and effect of giving.
  2. I heard this song after I wrote this blog.  It goes along great with the idea of giving year round.
  3. My mom gave me a traveling make up bag.  It was exactly what I needed.
  4. I enjoyed washing my hair and taking a long time to get ready this morning.
  5. The Blount’s dress up for Christmas.  Love seeing Papa in his suit picking up all the wrapping paper.
  6. Noel.
  7. Tulsa did not get the white Christmas we were promised, but I’m happy for all my Frisco friends that did!
  8. We got more money to put towards our fridge from Nana & Papa and Brooke & Scott.
  9. 4 plane tickets with our names on them… now to decide where we wanna go and when we wanna go.
  10. Got a stocking full of makeup.
  11. Gus got every accessory to go with his Eagle Talon Castle.
  12. Beau got lots of American Girl accessories to go with her new bitty baby.
  13. MeeMee got Beau her very own musical broom.  Hopefully, it will keep her from stealing mine all the time.
  14. 1 year ago today my sweet little niece Ava was born!
  15. We got to go to Ava’s party and watch her open her gifts and eat her cake.
  16. I got to see lots of my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and grandmas at the party today.  It just makes my heart happy to see family on Christmas.
  17. Uncle Scott & Aunt Brookie got Gus a really cool Jake and the Neverland Pirates game.
  18. I don’t think there’s a toy Gus could think of that he wants that he doesn’t have.
  19. Trudi’s ham.  Delicious!
  20. Josh’s sweet potatoes… Ruth Chris’ recipe.  SO good!
  21. Beau looked gorgeous in her little dress and tights and bow and fancy shoes.
  22. Got to see some pictures of my niece Courtney when she was younger.  I love that kind of stuff.
  23. Snuggling with Gus while he recovered from all the Christmas.
  24. Apple Cider Vinegar.  We learned tonight there is nothing it can’t do.
  25. My sweet little nieces Ryan and Liv.  Enjoyed having them around all day.
  26. Beau got an Ariel and Prince Eric carriage to go with her castle.
  27. Singing “Joy To The World” as a family this morning before we opened gifts.  I could hear Gus’ little voice trying to sing along.
  28. The Lord Has Come!!!!

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