Day 141

I have a very sweet but very disobedient husband.  We purchased a new chair for the living room on Black Friday and we agreed that it would be our Christmas present to each other.  I was more than happy with that plan, but he took it upon himself to get me more.  Everything he got me was very thoughtful and I’m very grateful for all of it, but they weren’t the greatest gifts.

A new pair of Fossil boots.  Super, super cute, but eventually they’ll go out of style.

A new set of knives… serrated knives, so now I don’t have to cut everything with my bread knife.  This will make my cooking life so much easier.  After a while though, they’ll lose their sharp edges and have to be replaced.

Sour Patch Kids in my stocking.  They will be gone tomorrow when I go see the Hobbit.

A denim blouse.  Pretty timeless, but I doubt I’ll have it forever.

Everything I got for Christmas and everything I gave for Christmas were nice, thoughtful gifts but not the greatest gifts.

God gave us the greatest gift 2,000 years ago and no one has topped it since then.  I love how my pastor broke down John 3:16 this weekend at church.

For God – The Greatest Lover
So loved – The Greatest Degree
The world – The Greatest Company
That He gave – The Greatest Act
His only begotten Son – The Greatest Gift
That whoever – The Greatest Opportunity
Believes – The Greatest Simplicity
In Him – The Greatest Attraction
Should not perish – The Greatest Promise
But – The Greatest Difference
Have – The Greatest Certainty
Everlasting life – The Greatest Possession

Jesus is the greatest gift.  He never goes out of style, He never breaks, He never never needs new batteries, He never runs out, and He’s free.  Anyone, anywhere can receive Him.

I’m thankful for the good gifts we exchanged this Christmas, but there is nothing more precious to me than the gift of everlasting life that Jesus gave me.

  1. Jesus!  The greatest gift of all time.  Nothing can even come close to touching that one.
  2. It’s still fun to exchange gifts in honor of the greatest gift.
  3. The “greatest” breakdown of John 3:16 Pastor Robert taught.
  4. I woke up and went to post my blog and discovered I had saved over it with an older version.  Thankfully, I was able to some how find a copy of it on my phone.  It was a Christmas miracle.
  5. Gus got a homemade cocoa from Papa this morning.
  6. We got to have lunch with my niece and nephew before they left town!
  7. Got to exchange gifts with my mom and dad today… and Norah.
  8. Gus loved his Imaginext Battle Arena!
  9. He also loved his Nerf football.  He and Josh enjoyed a game of catch on the cold, cold night.
  10. Beau loved her diaper bag for her new baby doll.
  11. She got the rest of the princesses to go with her castle.
  12. Josh and I got some cash to put towards our new fridge.
  13. My dad is a great Christmas candy treat maker.   I enjoyed all the toffee and chocolate covered graham crackers.
  14. My dad was in the floor playing with Gus all night.
  15. Got to hang out with my little brother and sister in law tonight.
  16. Sausage pie!
  17. My mom’s Christmas tree with all of our homemade ornaments.
  18. The Christmas decorations that have been around since I was little.
  19. My parents only live 15 minutes away from Josh’s parents.
  20. 24 hours of The Christmas Story.
  21. The BLOUNT scripture picture that Courtney made for us.
  22. Beau was telling us “Tigger is funny” on the way home.  “And Pooh too.”
  23. Oh Holy Night by Nat King Cole.  My very favorite Christmas song.
  24. Everyone is healthy for all of the Christmas festivities.
  25. The men and women that are sacrificing Christmas with the families serving our country.
  26. Beau’s niece Olivia gave her her own new toy puppy and Beau loves it.
  27. Getting in bed early in preparation for another round of Christmas!
  28. Gus’ touchdown celebration.  A spike, a point up to give God glory, and a good shake of the booty.

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