Day 136

The Wise Men were tired and probably discouraged.  The star they had been following seemed to have disappeared.  What were they doing in Bethlehem?  Was this all a big mistake?

Then… the star reappeared.

Matthew 2:10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.

The message translation says, they could hardly contain themselves!  They were pumped!  Their mission was not in vain.  They had not failed.  All of their blood, sweat, and tears were about to mean something.  Here goes nothing…

They walked into the house underneath the shining star and they knew right away they had got it all wrong.  They packed up their camels and headed back home.  This was no king.  It was just a cute little baby.  He had no servants, just his mom and dad.  The house was not fancy, it was just a little cottage.

No.  Actually,  Matthew 2:11 says And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him.

They fell down on their hands and knees with the faces to the ground and worshipped this king without a throne.  They had no idea that 33 years later this baby would change the world forever, yet somehow they knew He was worthy of praise.  So there they were three, or however many wise men there were, laid out on their faces before a baby that they knew nothing about.

We on the other hand do know something about Jesus, we actually know a lot of things about Him. We have stories of Him in the Bible healing the blind, casting out demons, raising the dead, walking on water, calming the storm, feeding thousands with a few fish and a piece of bread, taking stripes on His back for our healing, enduring the cross for our salvation, and conquering the grave for our victory!  We have our own stories too, our first hand experiences with Jesus.  He saved my marriage, blessed me with an amazing family, loved me when I didn’t deserve it, healed my body, calmed every storm I’ve ever faced, and never once left me alone.

We know Jesus on a way more personal basis than the Wise Men ever did, but when is the last time He brought us to our knees?  Are we too familiar with his awesomeness?  Is it just something we have become used to?  Take time to refresh your knowledge of Jesus, take time to get on your knees and worship the King who you know is worthy of your praise.  Rejoice today with exceeding great joy like you rejoiced the day you found Him, like the Wise Men rejoiced the day they found Him.

Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices!

  1. I have a personal relationship with Jesus.  I know Him.  I’ve experienced Him first hand.
  2. He is worthy to be praised!
  3. The Wise Men worshipped even when they didn’t know Him.
  4. The Bible helps us to know more about Him.
  5. Josh let me sleep in.
  6. Ginger bread house and Ginger bread train kits!
  7. Had a great time watching Josh & Gus make their perfect little house while Trudi and I struggled to make our train.
  8. Beau votes for the train, Papa voted for the house so Gus declared it a tie!
  9. Gus gets so excited about stuff!  He had SO much fun decorating his house with his dad.
  10. Got my check book balanced.
  11. Josh made the kids their lunch this afternoon… and their breakfast.
  12. Leftover egg drop soup.
  13. Got to listen to the Muppet Christmas Carol while I worked this afternoon.
  14. Shopping with Beau, Nana, & Josh.
  15. Got to shop for baby boy clothes for a friend of mine’s new baby boy.  I loved it.
  16. Gus fell asleep in the car and Papa stayed with him while we shopped.
  17. Peppermint bark and apple cider samples from Williams Sanoma.
  18. I ate solid food at Panera Bread tonight and it hit the spot!
  19. Light looking at a beautiful neighborhood in Plano.
  20. It was so nice out we had all of the window rolled down as we drove around admiring all of the pretty lights.
  21. Nana got to read to Gus before bed.
  22. Ginger bread houses smell so nice.
  23. Clean hair!
  24. Enjoyed being a girl and trying on lots of different outfits for my date with Josh tomorrow night.
  25. Home Alone 2.
  26. Josh took the day off!
  27. Beau was in shoe heaven tonight at Nordstrom Rack.  She had to take her boots off so she could try on all kinds of different shoes in my size.
  28. Josh added 3 new presents under the tree for me and I have NO idea what they could be.  Yay for surprises!

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