Day 134

This morning while I was cleaning up after breakfast my sweet little kids decided they wanted to have Bible time.  Beau got out the yellow quilt that she likes to sit on and came marching into the living room with her laminated picture of Jesus, saying,  “sing songs?”

Of course, I could not say no to her pretty little face.  I stopped what I was doing and we had Bible time.  We sang Christmas carols, hugged our Bibles, and watched a little cartoon on YouTube about the Wise Men.  After the video was over I asked my four year old Gus if he saw the wise men give Jesus anything.  “Yeah,” he said, “Presents!”  I told him about the gold, frankincense and myrrh and then I asked him what kind of presents we can give to Jesus.  His answer was cake.

Although cake is a pretty good gift, it’s kind of hard to give Jesus cake… or an iPad, or  a watch, or a tie, or cologne.

After a few hints Gus finally started to get where I was going.  We have to give Jesus things that we can’t buy from a store.  So he decided he could give Jesus the gift of a song. He could write a song just for Jesus and sing it to Him.  He did and it was awesome.  I know Jesus absolutely loved it.

The countdown is on.  8 days left until Christmas.  It’s time to start checking your list twice and making sure you got everyone that means something to you a special gift.  Your parents, your kids, your spouse, your boss, school teachers, your lawn guy, etc.

This year don’t forget Jesus.  Make sure He’s on your list.  He’s not as hard to shop for as you might think and the things on his wish list require no wrapping.  Need some suggestions?  Here are a few more ideas we came up with his morning that I think would make lovely gifts.  Your time, your trust, your praise, your worry, your obedience, your listening ears, control.

Give the one who gave everything for you something special from you.  He loves a cheerful giver.

  1. Teaching my kids always teaches me.
  2. Beau’s pretty face asking to spend time in the word.
  3. Singing Christmas carols.
  4. “Fa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa” – Gus
  5. Had another fun Christmas ornament crafting project to do this morning.
  6. Beau calls candy canes “yummy canes.”
  7. We don’t have to have lots of money to give a good gift to Jesus.
  8. The song Gus gave to Jesus.
  9. We can’t out give God.
  10. Beau’s love for Miss Piggy.  She recognize her voice on the radio right away today.
  11. Found a restaurant with egg drop soup.
  12. Josh used to bring me egg drop soup when we were dating.
  13. Those crunchy things that you put in the soup.
  14. The kids enjoyed their egg rolls and I enjoyed  not cooking!
  15. The sweet note from my sweet dad.
  16. Josh got to have a guys night out.
  17. He has good guy friends.
  18. Kids in bed by 7:30.
  19. Hot bath.
  20. Miracle on 34th Street.
  21. Natalie Wood who changed my take on having a girl before we had a girl.  She was such a doll.
  22. Me in bed by 8:30.
  23. Wireless internet.
  24. Jesus is my healer!
  25. My list making keeps me from throwing pity parties that last too long.
  26. Over 200 people read my post on praying protection over our kids.  Thanks for all of the shares!
  27. While waiting for a prescription the other day I got to shop for new makeup and really take my time and I really like everything I picked out.
  28. Someone from Australia called to order the Love Out Loud DVD today!

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