Day 127

I think it’s quite common for people to think of Jesus as meek and mild, but in the prophesy about his birth in Isaiah 9:6 it says His name will be called, wonderful, counselor, MIGHTY God….

I bet that was hard for Mary & Joseph to imagine.  Their little helpless baby someday being “mighty God.”  I know for me it’s hard to imagine my four year old in kindergarden let alone driving a car, moving out, getting married, and having a family of his own someday.  Right now I see glimpses of His future, but mostly I see a little guy who thinks he can take on the world, yet still struggles with figuring out which shoe goes on which foot.

I’m sure Mary saw glimpses of mighty God as Jesus was growing in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man, but for her the the prophesy was fulfilled when she watched Him perform His first miracle.  He turned water into wine and she got a front row seat.  After that Jesus walked the earth doing mighty act after might act.  He spoke to the wind and waves and they obeyed him.  He healed all manner of diseases.  He walked on water.  He cast demons out with one finger.  He raised the dead.

The silent night phase was over.  The holy infant so tender and mild was now holy and mighty!

Really, He has always been mighty.  He was mighty in the beginning when He was with God creating the heavens and the earth.  He just laid aside His might in exchange for diapers and pacifiers, all for us, making it possible for us to share in His might, being His hands and feet, and by faith doing the same mighty things He did when He walked the earth.

Jesus was, is, and is to come.  He was mighty, is might, and will be mighty forevermore.

Revelation 1:18 I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.

No one else can say that.  No one else can say they have the keys to hell and the grave.  Jesus, our mighty God, conquered the grave and their is nothing more mighty than that.  As sweet as it is to imagine our savior sucking His thumb, don’t forget His name shall be called MIGHTY GOD!

  1. Jesus is mighty!
  2. Jesus was, is, and is to come!
  3. Mighty To Save.
  4. Jackie Mize, a woman who forever changed my life with her book “Supernatural Childbirth“, is celebrating her birthday today!  So thankful she was born and let God use her in such a mighty way.
  5. Lisa Raftery, who told me about Super Natural Child Birth.
  6. Christmas Bible time with two little kids who know that Jesus is the reason for the season.
  7. Another cold, Christmassy feeling day!
  8. The light dusting of snow.
  9. Gus was really excited about the “white Christmas.”
  10. Beau thought PrincessSnow White was outside when she heard the rest of us talking about the snow.
  11.  No where to go, nothing to do today!
  12. Painting, Puzzles, and Play Doh.
  13. Nana & Papa gave us their safe space heater.  It somehow heats a room without ever getting too hot to touch.
  14. PJs all day.
  15. Did some Christmas baking.  Pretzels + melted caramel kisses + M&Ms = very tasty treat!
  16. Peep did not try escaping from her crib today.
  17. Fire place S’mores.
  18. The extra goodness that 5 seconds in the microwave provided for the S’more.
  19. Tried a new recipe for tacos and roasted red peppers and it was delicious.
  20. Josh complimented me on the dinner several times.
  21. Got some good target practice in with Gus and his storm trooper Nerf gun.
  22. Can see some of Beau’s little gifting coming out.  I’ve discovered she really likes learning new songs and then trying to sing them.
  23. It Feels Like Christmas.  This was my theme song today.
  24. Crackling, good smelling fire in the fire place.
  25. Gus & Beau let me read to both of them at the same time tonight.
  26. I have a little girl who likes to dress up.  Always has on a hat or someone else’s shoes or turns something like a scarf into a dress.
  27. I worked from the comfort of my couch tonight.
  28. Wireless printers!

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