Day 126

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is my all time favorite movie.  I saw it for the first time 8 or 9 years ago and I have watched it every Christmas since then.  My cheeks are usually sore after watching it because I can not help but smile at the adorable George Bailey.  He is so fun to watch and just so happens to have the best wink ever.

This morning I was thinking about the scene where a young George discovers his boss, who had been drinking after finding out some terrible news, has mistakenly filled a prescription with poison.  George is trying to figure out what to do when he spots an advertisement on the wall that says, “Ask Dad, He Knows.”

I think I would like to have that advertisement framed and hung up in my home as a friendly reminder to ask dad because He knows.

Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Jesus came to be a counselor.  A fully trained, highly educated, knows more about you than anyone including you, free of charge counselor.  He has every answer to every problem we will face.  He has every answer to every question we will ask.  But too often we don’t ask for his counsel.  We try to figure things out on our own.  We think “I got this.”  But if He came to be our counselor why not let Him do His job?

After delivering our son still born we needed counsel.  We had questions.  We had broken hearts.  We knew Jesus was the only one with the answers to our questions, the only one with the cure for our broken hearts.  So we dove into His word, because He gives counsel through the ministry of His word, it’s a “transcript of his eternal council and covenant, a declaration of the will of God, and of Christ.” (Gills)  We were also surrounded by people we knew heard from God, like our pastors, parents, and close friends and Jesus used them to counsel us too.

I could have spent months in a recovery group or spent thousands of dollars seeing a therapist, but I did not have to because I had THE counselor with me at all times.  The counsel we received from Him was timely, wise, full of sympathy, and love… it was perfect.  I’m so thankful that I have a dad who knows… who knows exactly what I need, exactly how to comfort, exactly how to lift us up out of the pit of despair and set our feet on solid ground.

Ask dad, He knows.

  1. Jesus came to be my counselor.
  2. Jesus is wonderful, so He is a wonderful counselor.
  3. His counsel is always timely, wise, and full of sympathy and love!
  4. He counseled us through His word and brought complete healing to our hearts.
  5. We have pastors, family, and friends that God used to counsel us.
  6. It’s A Wonderful Life.
  7. Jimmy Stewart.
  8. The Spicers, who gave us our It’s a Wonderful Life DVD.
  9. Breakfast in bed Sundays!
  10. Spent my morning with a bunch of five year olds at church that are super excited about Christmas.
  11. My friend Shauna brought the kids matching sock monkey PJs and slippers.  They were so excited and wore them all afternoon.
  12. Had to explain spankings to Beau today who kept crawling out of her crib when she was supposed to be napping.  After I told her about the spoon and that she would have to get a spanking she said “ok, yes mamma” and stayed in bed and took her nap.  She obeyed!
  13. Paid all of our bills.
  14. Delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory and it was under 500 calories.
  15. Made up for the missed calories with some Oreo cheesecake.
  16. Got to spend some time with a very sweet family from church, Brad, Amy & Caleb.
  17. We have some of the most faithful people serving at our campus in Gateway Kids.
  18. My husband looked extra cute today in his tie.
  19. The way Beau says “See?” when she does something she wants you to see.
  20. Cold front!!
  21. Beau’s teachers at church love her!
  22. 10k reasons has reached 10k views.
  23. The lights at Frisco square.
  24. Watching the kids watch the lights and their little sweet faces lit up with smiles.
  25. Football on TV and football live in my living room.  Gus (The Monkeys) vs Josh (The Cowboys).
  26. Gus’ powerful bedtime prayer.  I love when he prays for things only his spirit would know to pray for.
  27. Good episode of The Next Iron Chef with Josh and lots of inside jokes in the making.
  28. Mrs. Santa Claus Cute Christmas song for all of the hard working, behind the scenes wives and mothers.


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