Day 123

At my baby shower for my son Gus my very sweet Grandma Wagner brought him a soft and snuggly green and white stuffed puppy dog.  I named him Carl.  Little did I know Carl would become part of our family.  Gus started sleeping with him when he was about 6 months old and still does to this day.  Carl has been to Michigan, California, and Florida with us.  He’s been through some rough stuff… including being attacked by another dog and having to undergo surgery, but Gus still adores him.  Then there’s Lotso huggin’ bear from Toy Story 3.  We bought him for Gus when he was two and the mean little bear that smells like strawberries was fortunate enough to join Gus and Carl for bedtime every night since then.

Last night right before bed Gus realized he had taken Carl & Lotso downstairs (which he is not supposed to do!) so he went to go find them, but they weren’t where he left them.  After he and Josh looked around for a few minutes and weren’t having any luck I came downstairs to help.  Gus said he had seen his little sister Beau carrying them around so we checked all of her favorite hiding spots, no dice.  We looked everywhere… for 45 minutes!  Gus shed a few tears, prayed and asked God to help us, got frustrated because it didn’t seem to be working, and shed a few more tears.  It was a mystery!  What could that little 21 month old do with two stuffed animals?  She was asleep so we couldn’t ask her.  Josh went to check the trash he had taken out earlier that morning and I decided I was going to ask God to tell me where they were so I could move on with my night.  I knew He knew.  So I asked,  “Lord, where are those guys?”  I waited and then this thought came to me, “Look up!”

I went back upstairs and looked around some more.  I felt like I was supposed to check Beau’s closet again, so I did.  I was looking in all her baskets and her toy box on the floor then and I heard “look up” again, so I did… and there they were!

I had put them in Beau’s shoe basket on one of the top shelves in her closet without realizing it.  We were looking low,thinking Beau was the culprit, when I was actually the one who had hidden them.

How sweet of God to tell me to “look up.”  It was such a great reminder to me that he cares about everything, even Carl and Lotso.  He knew right were they were… all I had to do was ask and listen.

I wish I would have done that after 10 minutes of searching, but I was so focused on finding the missing toys that I didn’t want to stop to do anything else.

Deuteronomy 28:2 And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you heed the voice of the Lord your God.

God has “all these blessings” He would love to overtake you with IF you heed His voice.  Take time to stop and listen.

  1. All these blessings will overtake us when we listen to the voice of God.
  2. God knew right where I needed to look and was kind enough to tell me.
  3. Gus got to sleep with Carl & Lotso last night!
  4. My Grandma Wagner picked the perfect stuffed puppy for Gus.
  5. Lotso smells so good… still.  After 3 years.
  6. Breakfast with my little olive trees sitting around the table.
  7. Christmas shopping with Josh and Beau.
  8. Josh found a really nice blazer at Gap, normally $108, on sale and I had a coupon so we got it for $22!
  9. In N Out.  Hit the spot… as always.
  10. A Charlie Brown Christmas.  One of the best.
  11. Linus’ reciting of the Christmas story.
  12. I had a really, really, really good laugh today.
  13. Josh was there to share the laugh with me.  Laughing now, thinking about it.
  14. A lady at In N Out thought Beau was so cute she asked to hold her.  Beau obliged her.
  15. Beau IS so cute!
  16. Beau said the prayer for us at lunch.  “oh no, oh no, oh no,  AMEN!”
  17. Left overs night.
  18. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie night with the kids.
  19. Stockings stuffed!
  20. Reeses Peanut Butter Christmas Trees.
  21. Got our Christmas cards mailed.
  22. All of the kids presents are wrapped!  The tree looks so happy with all of the pretty presents underneath.
  23. I know some ladies who know how to pray!
  24. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
  25. God will use what the devil meant for bad for good!
  26. God can use our experience with Felix to help other people.
  27. I couldn’t be there to comfort a friend who I wanted to comfort, but God was there.  He’s always there.
  28. Nothing throws God off.

One thought on “Day 123

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    I remember writing these verses to Joshua in one of his birthday cards. Psalm 128:1-3. I remember that I thought you needed a table so the children could sit around it someday as the verse promised. (That was when you lived in Tulsa as a young couple) I didn’t realize then what it meant that you Sarah would be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your home, and your children like olive plants all around your table. I guess I was like the Jewish people who have to visualize everything. Now you have a really big table and now you will have children and someday grandchildren that will sit around your table. Love you so much.

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