Day 121

I can still remember the day my son Gus was born like it was yesterday.  I remember the blue and white striped shirt I was wearing when we left for the pink hospital in Tulsa.  I remember my doctor walking by while we were filling out paper work in the waiting area and giving us a little wave.  I remember the nurse asking me if I was nervous as she was taking us to our room.  I remember sipping on a slushy from Sonic that my father in law brought me.  I remember the unspeakable joy that came over us as we held our son for the very first time.  I remember he weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces and was born on a Tuesday.  It was one of the most amazing days of my life and I wanted to always be able to remember it, to hold it dear and deep within my heart.  We have hundred of pictures and hours of video of his first week of life to look back on and help us to do that… remember, forever.

When Jesus was born Mary didn’t have a video camera that Joseph had got a great deal on at Black Friday to capture His birth with.  She didn’t have a camera, not even one that takes a roll of film.

Shortly after Jesus was born a group of shepherds arrive at the stable and begin to tell Mary and Joseph about the angel that had just appeared to them in the sky and what he told them about the little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.  I love what Mary did after that.

Luke 2:19 But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.

She stopped in the midst of all of the excitement and took time to ponder the miracle that had just happened.  Several other translations say she treasured all these things in her heart.  I can just see her looking around the stable, trying to take everything in.  The dirt under the shepherds finger nails, the way the hay smelled that lined the manger, how Joseph’s hand felt in hers, the sounds the sheep made, the perfection of her newborn son, and the words the angels spoke about Him.  I’m sure she took hundreds of mental pictures that night to treasure in her heart forever.  Long after the star stopped shining, the shepherds were gone, and all of the frankincense and myrrh had run out, she would still have the memories of that amazing night, she would never forget the words spoken about Jesus, because she took time to ponder them.

We are fortunate to have all of the technology we have today to capture weddings, births, birthdays, first baseball games, and school plays so easily with our cameras and phones, but you can’t always capture the goodness of God with a camera.    Be sure to take time to capture it in your heart.  Journal, make thank you lists, take mental pictures, and talk to yourself about it (in a non crazy way of course), talk to others about it, talk to God about it.  Mary did not want to forget and neither do I.

  1. The gift of memory.
  2. Cameras, video camera, phones.
  3.  The thousands of pictures I have of my kids.
  4. The hours of videos I have of my kids.
  5. My dad was a good home video recorder.
  6. My mom was a good picture taker.
  7. Mary pondered.  I really enjoy thinking about the Christmas story from her perspective.
  8. Quiet morning with my sweet girl.
  9. Gus beat a Wreck It Ralph level today!  This has been a life long goal of his since last week.
  10. He wrote an amazing song about trusting God even when it seems like you aren’t ever going to be able to beat Ralph.
  11. Gus gave God the glory for his victory.  I love his heart.  So dang much.
  12. Clean house!
  13. Clean sheets!
  14. New library books.
  15. Beau’s little hair in the front stuck straight up all day.
  16. Neighbor alerted me about some break ins in our area.
  17. Angels protect my home.
  18. God spoke to us about the family he wanted us to bless with a meal for Christmas.
  19. $5 foot longs for dinner.
  20. Neighborhood light looking.
  21. “Wook daddy, wights!”  – Beau (look daddy, lights!)
  22. The house with the Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Frosty decorations that Gus got so excited about.
  23. More wrapped presents went under the tree.
  24. Pink Panther Christmas special I found on dvd for 92 cents arrived today.  One of Gus’ favorites.
  25. Josh stuffed and stamped our Christmas cards.
  26. I have two little back seat drivers.
  27. Driving around listening to Christmas music with the windows rolled down.  Trying to embrace the warm December weather.
  28. Watching the special features on The Dark Knight Rises with Josh.  Learned a lot about the Batmobile.

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