Day 114

When I was three Mattel came out with a light up  doll named PJ Sparkles and I really wanted one, but they were hard to find.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only little girl Mattel had gotten to, I mean after all, she was the doll that loved you back!  My mom finally ended up getting her hands on the last one they had at Toys R Us after waiting in line on her lunch break one day.  It’s funny what parents will do to be able to give their children good gifts.

Matthew 7:11 So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask.  

This is one of those verses that takes on a whole new meaning after you have children of your own.  Even sinful people, meaning people who sin, like you and me, know how to give good gifts to their children.

I know my kids.  I know exactly what my four year old wants for Christmas.  In fact, I know what he wants better than he knows what he wants.  I can look at a toy and within a few minutes know if it’s something he will get a lot of play time out of or if it’s something that will bore him after only a few days.

I know how to give good gifts to my kids, but I’m not perfect, God on the other hand is!  God is not only perfect but He knows us better than we know our kids, and he love us more than we love our kids.

Today as I was Christmas shopping I could not help smiling to myself as I thought about how excited my kids were going to be on Christmas morning when they were opening all of the presents that they have been dreaming of the last few weeks.  God is the same way with us.  He wants us to have that Christmas morning excited feeling every day.  He wants us to open up presents from Him and say “it’s exactly what I’ve always wanted!” or “it’s even better than what I could have imagined!”

God has gifts of peace, joy, health, prosperity, and everything else you desire that are wrapped up and waiting for you, if you want them, just ask, and don’t feel bad about it.  Jesus said to!

Ask God for the good gifts He has for you, I promise these are gifts you won’t want to return… even better than PJ Sparkles.

How much more will our heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask? 

  1. I got my PJ Sparkles.
  2. Being a parent gives you a brand new perspective on God as our father.
  3. God is a good gift giver.
  4. Jesus gave us permission to ask God for gifts.
  5. Fun morning shopping for the kids.
  6. Cold weather makes Christmas shopping even more fun.
  7. Gus was occupied with preschool so I could shop without having to hide stuff from him.
  8. I got my car cleaned today.  Outside and inside!  Feels so nice to have a clean car… it happens about twice a year for me.
  9. Gus had a great day at school.
  10. I got Gus’ Thanksgiving papers from school and a note from his teachers saying they were thankful for him because “he gets so excited about things.”  That is so true!  He is one passionate and excitable little guy.
  11. Beau was so sweet this morning while we shopped and ran tons of errands.
  12. Hobby Lobby!  Christmas crafts to last the kids all month.
  13. Found a Christmas sing-a-long for Beau with all of the songs from the claymation movies.
  14. Our Christmas book order from Scholastic came in.  Lots of fun reading new Christmas books with the kids this afternoon.
  15. Josh had each person at the dinner table list 5 things about the other people at the table that they were thankful for.  I loved that game and so did Gus.
  16. Gus was thankful that Beau has a smile on her face all of the time.
  17. Josh was thankful that I married him.
  18. Gus was thankful I make good food for him to eat.
  19. Gus was thankful that he got to take Josh to dads and donuts.
  20. Yummy dinner!
  21. Josh brought home a big pile of fire wood for us.
  22. Gus had the best time getting bundled up and helping his dad haul the firewood to the back yard.
  23. Gus in his stocking cap.  So unbelievably cute.
  24. Beau had to have a stocking cap too, even though the girls stayed inside.  She found Josh’s Dallas Cowboys hat from when he was a baby and modeled it for me.
  25. Josh doesn’t mind when I blow dry my hair in the living room.
  26. Cozy night on my cozy couch watching Revolution… plus a nap before bed.
  27. The blue baby quilt someone sent to Gus when he was a baby.  I use it to cover Beau every night since she’s always sleeping on top of her covers when I go to check on her.
  28. Josh helped me fold all the laundry tonight.

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