Day 113

Every night before I put my daughter Beau in her crib I sing a song with her called “Song For You.”  It starts out, “Jesus this is a song for you, to tell you I love you.”  After I finished singing it the other night she lifted her head off of my shoulder and looked at me and said “more Jesus.”  She wanted me to sing it again.

As I started in on it a second time her little words kept ringing in my ears… more Jesus.

The Christmas season has officially begun and many of us are in “more mode.”

We need more time to shop, more time to decorate, more time to get cards sent out, more money to spend, more space on our calendars, and more egg nog to drink.

When in “more mode” it’s common to neglect our relationship with Jesus, which is not smart, because Jesus is the only one who can give us more.

He wants to give us ideas on how to manage our day better, so we have more time.  He wants to help us find great deals, so we have more money.  He wants us to ask Him which parties to turn down this year, so we’ll have more space on our calendar.  He wants to carry our stress, so we can relax more… and drink more egg nog… with Coke.

It’s okay to be in “more mode” as long as it’s “more Jesus mode.”  This Christmas season make it your goal to have “more Jesus” in your life and you will have the best Christmas you’ve ever had.

Chris Tomlin captures this idea beautifully in his song “Enough.”

All of You is more than enough for all of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough

Jesus is MORE than enough, so set your heart on “more Jesus!”

  1. Beau wants “more Jesus.”
  2. Song For You.”  Love this sweet song written by Beau’s sweet dad.
  3. Beau tries to sing with me.
  4. Jesus is more than enough for all of me.
  5. “Enough” by Chris Tomlin
  6. When we seek more Jesus, the other mores follow.
  7. Gus asked me to play “Mary’s Boy Child” this morning so he could dance.  I did and he and Beau did some serious dancing.
  8. Got out the Isaiah 9:6 memory verse cards and started teaching Beau about baby Jesus.
  9. Went back and watched the videos of Gus reciting Christmas verses the past three years.  It brought so much joy to my heart seeing him change from year to year and hearing him speak God’s word.
  10. I did not leave the house today and it ruled!
  11. 50% off and free shipping at J Crew factory today!
  12. Got Beau’s Christmas outfit.  Cuteness at it’s cutest.
  13. Found a shirt for Gus to match Beau’s skirt.
  14. Saved $80 on a Jawbone Jambox we’ve been wanting to get.  Cyber Monday treated us nicely.
  15. Balanced the check book and it balanced the first time!
  16. Found a “Wreck It Ralph” computer game for Gus.  He was shaking with excitement the whole time he played it.
  17. Very competitive games of R2-D2 Trouble with Gus with afternoon.
  18. My vintage looking star tree topper.  Another find I got the Christmas before we were married.
  19. The little snow house tea light holder Trudi gave me while Josh and I were dating.
  20. Beau asked for thirds tonight and it was a healthy dish!
  21. Josh picked out our Christmas cards and customized our pictures to fit just right.
  22. We got our card for 55% off today… another Cyber Monday deal!
  23. Josh was soaked tonight due to all of the fun Gus & Beau had at bath time.
  24. Gus’ hair is getting long again!  I love how it looks all combed after a bath.
  25. Andy Andrews “A Dozen Way To Make Christmas With Your Family Special” list.
  26. Fun night planning out the next 25 days of Christmas.  I love having an advent calendar.
  27. Beau did not mess with the Christmas trees today.
  28. Gateway Scottsdale has a podcast!

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