Day 111

I love children’s books.  My kids both have book shelves in their rooms that are holding as many books as possible, they have overflow baskets of books in their closets, we take biweekly trips to the library, and we always stop by Barnes and Noble at the end of a trip to the mall to look for new books.

When I was pregnant with Gus I joined a children’s book club and the first two books I ordered for him were from the Elephant and Piggie series by an author I had never heard of, Mo Willems.  I read them to him while he was in my womb,  I read them to him when he was just two weeks old and I still read them to him now… or he reads them to me.  That author I had never heard of is now my favorite children’s author.  We have almost every single one of his books.  We are fans of his work!

Psalm 111:2 (NIV) Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them.

I’m also a fan of the Lord’s works!  “The works of the Lord are great – They are great in number; great in magnitude; great in wisdom; great in goodness.” (Barnes)

Have you taken time to ponder the work of the Lord today?  The word ponder in this verse means to seek out, investigate, and carefully examine.  In the same way that I seek out music by my favorite bands or books my favorite author or if I was really sophisticated, art by my favorite artists, I seek out the great works of God.

I love to watch the sky change colors as the sun rises and sets and ponder the works of God.  I love to watch my daughter’s extra long eye lashes bat up and down and ponder the works of God.  I love to watch a fire burning in the fireplace and ponder the works of God.  I love watching the leaves fall from trees and ponder the works of God.  I love watching a pregnant ladies tummy grow and ponder the works of God.

Every where you look there is an amazing work of God to be pondered, sought out, investigated, or examined.  Take to time to stop and smell the roses today.  Appreciate the works of the greatest artist of all time!

  1. God’s works are great!
  2. The reminder to stop and ponder the great works of the Lord.
  3. Mo Willems.  We love elephant and piggie, the pigeon, edwina, amanada and her alligator, naked mole rat… etc!
  4. It was freezing this morning in Tulsa… literally!  I love the cold weather.
  5. Safe trip home.
  6. I came home to a very clean house.
  7. I love my home.  I feel so blessed to have such a cozy place to call home.
  8. Seat heaters.
  9. Heaters to heat our home.
  10. Enjoying the last day of my fall candle.
  11. Got two new wonderful smelling Christmas candles.
  12. Josh looked so handsome and smelled so good this afternoon before heading to church.
  13. Suitcases unpacked and settled in to stay for a while!
  14. The sweet pregnancy announcement from my niece and nephew.
  15. Gus’ Grammy & Nana got all of their Christmas shopping for him done today.  He is going to hit the jackpot this year… as always.
  16. Shopping at American Girl for my little girl!!  I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  Can’t wait to be able to play babies with her in style.
  17. My friend J.J. and her family are enjoying Disney World this week. That makes me happy!
  18. Site to store shipping from Wal Mart.
  19. Awesome praise and worship at church tonight.
  20. Great message from Pastor Josh Morris.
  21. Sweet picture of a friend’s ultrasound.  Made me ponder the works of God.  Congratulations Amber!
  22. Pastor Jelani’s teaching on my cups runs over… I may have to blog about that soon.  I loved it.
  23. Josh brought home some left over vegetables from church.  It was nice to eat something alive!
  24. I asked Beau what she learned about at church and she shouted, “Jesus!”
  25. My dad made me a copy of the Phil Phillips CD.
  26. I love my church and all the sweet people there.
  27. Got to get out the Christmas books tonight!
  28. Grammy got to read to Gus and Beau tonight even thought she was in Tulsa.  Love those recordable story books.

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