Day 104

One of the greatest movies of all time has got to be “What About Bob?” Bill Murray plays Bob Wiley, a multiphobic psychiatric patient who follows his psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin on vacation.  When Bob shows up to the psychiatrist’s lake house uninvited Dr. Marvin writes him a prescription.  But it’s not for pills, he prescribes Bob to “take a vacation from his problems”

My husband quotes Bob all the time.  “A vacation from my problems!  You bet I will.”  It’s funny, trust me.

A lot of people go on vacations to get away from problems.  They think maybe if they spend a week at the beach the problems they left behind will be gone when they get back, but it doesn’t work that way.  If you have problems when you leave for vacation they are going to be waiting for you right where you left them when you get back.

You can’t take a vacation from your problems, you have to get rid of your problems.

1 Peter 5:7 says, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

I like Rick Renner’s translation, “Take that heavy burden, difficulty, or challenge you are carrying—the one that has arisen due to circumstances that have created hardship and struggles in your life—and fling those worries and anxieties over onto the back of the Lord! Let Him carry them for you! The Lord is extremely interested in every facet of your life and is genuinely concerned about your welfare.”

That’s one of those scripture that you just want to breath a big sigh of relief after reading.  We can take all of our worries, anxieties, and problems that we are facing and throw them on the back of the Lord.  He wants to carry them for us because he loves us and cared about us and every aspect of our lives.

Casting your problems is different than taking a vacation from your problems.  If you take a vacation from them, that means you are going to come back to them at some point.  If you cast your problems that means you are sending them away for good!

I love that we got to go on vacation to Disney World, but I really love that I’m not coming home to any problems.  Sure, I’ll have tons of laundry to catch up on, and I’ll miss Mickey, but my life is problem-less.  It’s not because we have a perfect family and it’s not because we never face difficulty, it’s because I have learned that I am not made to carry around problems.  Problems are not welcome in our home.  When they pop up we throw them on God because we know He wants to fix them for us and will do a much better job than we could ever do on our own.

Dr. Leo Marvin could have gotten rid of Bob a lot easier had he prescribed 1 Peter 5:7, but if he were to do that with all of his patients he’d be out of work.  Don’t vacation from your problems, throw them onto the Lord and leave them there.

  1. We can cast our problems on God.
  2. We didn’t come home to any problems today when we got back home.
  3. “What About Bob”  Such a funny movie.
  4. We made it through the crazy crowds of people at the Orlando airport and got to our gate on time!
  5. Our flights were on time.
  6. We had safe travels.
  7. The kids were expert flyers this week!
  8. Lollipops.  Lots and lots of lollipops that helped keep kids happy while we waited in lines, rode on planes, etc.
  9. Gus got a free brownie yesterday at Disney World because one of the “cast members” noticed how patient he was being waiting in line to order our food.
  10. Beau fell asleep on me on the plane and I fell asleep too.
  11. Beau finished her nap on the way home in the car.
  12. Got to read my Bible for a good while this morning on the first leg.
  13. Headphones.  Lots of crying babies on the plane (not mine, thankfully) and I got to listen to music instead of them.
  14. All of our luggage arrived safely to Dallas.
  15. Josh Hall brought our car home from the church parking lot, saving us a trip up there tomorrow.
  16. Josh helped me unpack the suitcases, sort the laundry, and he even remembered to go through and look for any shirts that needed to be treated for stains.
  17. Josh went to the grocery store and loaded us up on lots of fruits and veggies for the weekend.
  18. I got to wash my hair!!!
  19. The kids were so happy to be home.  They played so good all afternoon and evening.
  20. Josh, Gus & Beau all three carrying light sabers came to visit me while I was blow drying my hair.
  21. Josh is still on vacation!!
  22. Saturday night at home with the family… very rare treat.
  23. Watching college football and eating dinner together in the living room.
  24. Josh was teaching Gus about “Boomer Sooner” and of course Beau picked up on it.  It is pretty darn cute to hear Gus say “Boomer” and Beau respond with “Sooner.”
  25. Both kids got back on Texas time without a problem.  Both in bed by 7:45 tonight.
  26. My grapefruit knife.  Another thoughtful stocking stuffer from my super thoughtful husband.
  27. Enjoyed reading to the kids tonight and getting back to our bedtime routines.
  28. I love my house.  I was so happy to be back in Texas with the crisp weather, my fall candle burning, sitting on my super comfy couch.

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