Day 100

Have you ever wondered if God gives thanks?  If so, who does He give thanks to?  He’s God.  Every good and perfect gift comes from Him, so does He thank himself?  The Bible doesn’t say a lot about God being thankful, but I believe that He is.  Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1 And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.  Paul was thankful!  In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 he wrote, in everything give thanks… So if Paul is thankful and he imitates Christ then that must mean that Christ is thankful.

But what could He be thankful for?  If he was sitting down to write down his 28 reasons to give thanks for today, what would his list look like.. here’s what I think.

  1. You chose me to be the Lord of your life.
  2. You are not ashamed of me.
  3. You worship me for who I am.
  4. You talk to me.
  5. When I talk to you, you listen.
  6. You read my word.
  7. You obey my word.
  8. You love me with all of your heart, soul and mind.
  9. Even when things don’t seem to make since, you still trust in me.
  10. You treasure the spouse I gave you.
  11. You are being a good steward with the children I have blessed you with.
  12. I get to watch you be my hands and feet on the earth.
  13. You give your resources to my Kingdom.
  14. I get to bless you in ways that are far beyond anything you could ask or imagine.
  15. You bring your cares to me and leave them at my feet.
  16. You desire my presence.
  17. You share my love with others.
  18. I am first in your life.
  19. You offer yourself to me as a living sacrifice.
  20. I see the fruit of the spirit in your life.
  21. I am thankful that you are thankful.
  22. You desire to please me.
  23. I see you at church every week.
  24. You believe I am good.
  25. You are running the race I set for you and you are winning.
  26. You are in the world, but you aren’t of it.
  27. You call me Father.
  28. I get to see you living out the plans I made for you while I was knitting you together in your mother’s womb.

We are the apple of God’s eye and I know He is thankful when we choose to live our lives to bring Him glory!

Now, for my 100th list of 28 reasons I have found to be thankful!

  1. After this list I will have found 2,798 reasons to be thankful.  God is SO good!
  2. God is thankful for me.
  3. Beautiful day in Orlando!
  4. Everyone slept great last night.
  5. Got to go on a safari this morning at Animal Kingdom.  Kind of like the zoo, only no cages for the animals.  Kids thought it was pretty neat.
  6. Me and Beau got to watch the Finding Nemo Musical.  It was fascinating, really well done.  We both loved it.
  7. A fellow toddler mom let me borrow a baby wipe after I realized Josh took the stroller with our wipes in it to another land.
  8. I got soaked on Kali River Rapids and my hair was huge for the rest of the day, but Gus’ laughter was worth it.  He loves water rides.
  9. Got to share a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich with Beau.
  10. Took a great power nap this afternoon.
  11. Borrowed “Sherlock” from the Halls to watch while the kids nap and after they go to bed and we are totally into it.  Good show!
  12. Room service!!!
  13. Park hoppers.
  14. Beau had a dance party with Goofy and Stitch.  That girl is the life of the party!  She is having a ball.
  15. Beau is not scared of the characters, she absolutely loves them!
  16. Vans tennis shoes.
  17. Space Mountain with Gus.  My favorite ride of the day.
  18. We’ve never been to the park this time of year so it gets dark earlier.  I have so enjoyed seeing the park at night.  It’s beautiful.
  19. Dropped a fifty dollar bill and didn’t realize it.  A gentlemen came up to me and said, “I think you dropped this.”  Thank the Lord!
  20. Popcorn and cold coke.
  21. Got to see the Country Bear Jamboree for the first time.
  22. Gus’ joke got picked for the Monster’s Inc Laugh floor.  Q:  What did the pepperoni say to the sausage?  A:  You wanna pizza me?
  23. The awesome castle projection show we got to see tonight.  We were waiting for the fireworks to start and had no idea we were going to get to see it.
  24. Beau kept saying “oh my goodness” when she was watching the castle show.
  25. “Wishes” firework show.  SO sweet watching the kids faces light up while they watch the sky light up.
  26. Gus putting his arm around Beau on the shuttle and saying “Please hold on to your hats, sunglasses, and little sisters..”
  27. Hot shower.
  28. Kids went down great.

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