Day 99

The idea, name, and heart behind this blog all started the night we were about to deliver our son Felix, who was still born. One of the songs we sang out in the midst of our pain and heart ache was “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman. We also sang “Desert Song” by Hillsong that night.

“Desert Song” is one of those songs that just totally puts things into perspective. I mean how can you stay down after reminding yourself “all of my life, in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship”

Not long after I started 10kreasons I watched the amazing testimony of Jill McCloghry who sang “Desert Song” on the Hillsong album, “This Is Our God.”

About a week and a half before Jill recorded the song she delivered a baby boy at 23 weeks and 5 days, his name was Max. She got to spend 24 hours with him, and then he took his last breath.

A few days after the loss of her son she remembered she was supposed to go in and record. She could have easily said I’m not up for that right now. But she knew she needed to sing. She chose to worship even when she didn’t feel like it. She didn’t understand why she lost her son, but she believed God was still on the throne, and therefore she had a reason to worship.

I know that feeling. Many of us do. When something tragic happens you don’t FEEL like worshipping. I didn’t feel like worshipping lying in the hospital bed knowing I was about to deliver a still born baby, but I knew I needed to. As my husband and I sang we reminded ourselves that our God was still God.

I’m so glad that Jill decided to worship. I’m glad that she wasn’t moved by her feelings. God used her to record one of the most anointed songs I’ve ever heard. I believe God gave the lyrics to “Desert Song” to Brooke Fraser especially for Jill. It was the perfect song for what she was going though.

A worshiper is someone who is aimed straight at God – Reuben Morgan

Aim yourself at God today, worship Him even if you don’t feel like it, because He is still God and because of that, no matter what else is going on, you have a reason to sing!

  1. Desert Song.
  2. All of my life, in every season I have a reason to sing because God is always God!
  3. The story behind the song.
  4. Went in to wake up the kids this morning and they were already up and talking to each other.
  5. Free breakfast!
  6. Walt Disney. Seriously that man paved the way for lots of happy memories for me and my family.
  7. Beautiful weather today.
  8. Walked right onto the Dumbo ride this morning.
  9. Teacups, with two lumps of sugar named Gus & Beau.
  10. Beau LOVED Winnie The Pooh Ride!
  11. Fast Passes available for Peter Pan! I’ve never waited less than 10 minutes for that ride until today.
  12. Got our picture taken with the real Buzz Lightyear! I think he would have taken Beau home if we would have let him. He loved her. And she loved him!
  13. Gus had the highest score in our family on the Buzz Lightyear ride.
  14. The hula dancer dolls in It’s A Small World. They always make me smile.
  15. Ice cream break!
  16. Successful nap time this afternoon at the hotel! Even my biggest kid (the one with a beard) took a nap.
  17. Got to participate in a “dress rehearsal” for the new Fantasy Land which opens next week. It was stunning! A fun surprise for us!
  18. Had some girl time with Beau- riding carousels, buying a $10 balloon, and riding The Little Mermaid ride together.
  19. Gus got chosen to play Maurice (Belle’s dad) in the story of Beauty and the Beast at one of the new Fantasy Land attractions. It was so cute! Plus he got his picture made with the real Belle.
  20. The Christmas music and Christmas decorations made a place I didn’t think could get any more magical more magical!
  21. Rider switch passes.
  22. Gus found his “laughing place” on Splash Mountain! He was cracking up after the big drop.
  23. Beau waved and waved and waved some more during one of the parades this afternoon.
  24. The laughing place play area Beau got to enjoy while waiting for everyone to ride Splash Mountain.
  25. Kids went right to sleep tonight after their baths.
  26. Getting to bed early, ready for Animal Kingdom tomorrow!
  27. Beau embraced her toddler leash today. She like walking around and I liked her not being able to get too far ahead. Win-win.
  28. Josh made everyone peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to pack for lunch today.

One thought on “Day 99

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    I love the story of Jill going ahead to record the “Desert Song”. It is good to know that God dwells in our praises even when we don’t really feel like praising him. He honors us with his presence. Hearing your account of today’s adventures with kids makes me smile. Love you guys.

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