Day 84

Ephesians 4:26-27 “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, 27 nor give place to the devil.

Be angry and do not sin.  Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not.  You can be angry without sinning.  I know this because Jesus never sinned, yet Jesus got angry.  In Mark 3:5 it says Jesus looked at the Pharisees with anger.  In Matthew 21:12-13 Jesus turned over the tables and chairs of the money changers who were taking advantage of people coming to worship at the temple.

I like that Jesus got angry.  I like that He didn’t just pat the moneychangers on the back and ask them politely to leave.  Jesus was passionate!  He loved God and the lack of respect the moneychangers had for His father angered Him.

When we found out we were going to have to deliver our son still born I felt several emotions- shock, sadness, confusion, and anger.  I remember about 30 minutes after we had him, a nurse brought in a tray of food for me to eat.  She had to make sure I could keep down food before sending me home.  I wanted to throw the scrambled eggs across the room.  I was mad!  But was I sinning?   I wasn’t mad at the doctor or the nurses.  I wasn’t mad at my husband.  I wasn’t mad at God.  I was mad at the devil and the evil thing He had done!

So yes, I was angry, but I wasn’t sinning.  It could have turned into sin had I decided I was going to let it keep me from sleeping at night.  It could have turned into sin had I started lashing out toward my family who had nothing to do with the loss.  It could have turned into sin if I let it dominate my thought life.

But it didn’t get there because I gave my anger to God.  I let Him turn the tables on the devil, like Jesus turned the tables in the temple!

Romans 12:19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the Lord.

I’m glad God made us passionate like Jesus.  I’m glad that it’s okay to be angry at sin and things that are evil.  But, I’m really glad that we don’t have to live angry.  We can give whatever makes us angry to God and let him settle it with His righteous anger.  There is a fine line between being angry and sinning.  Don’t let anger (even anger towards evil things) give the devil a room in your house.  Be angry, and do not sin.

  1. God has turned the tables on the devil for me and my family.
  2. Jesus got angry!
  3. I can be angry without sinning.
  4. Being angry is a choice.  You can choose to be angry and sin or you can choose to be angry and give it to God before it turns to sin.
  5. Had time to take a nice hot shower before everyone woke up.
  6. Decided to stay in PJs all day.
  7. Decided not to put on make up today.
  8. Breakfast in bed!
  9. Watched “Toy Story ” one of the greatest movies ever made with Gus & Beau.
  10. Took about 3 naps while watching the movie and cuddling with Beau.
  11. Had to take the morning off from serving at church.  I missed all of the 5 year olds, but enjoyed resting and having a cozy morning at home.
  12. 2 weeks from today we will be on our way to Florida!
  13. Beau took an extra long nap this afternoon.
  14. Peaceful painting session with the kids.  I love that have something they can do together that they both enjoy.
  15. Beau was not feeling good this afternoon, but I got to hold her and cuddle with her all evening.
  16. Josh got to take a good nap after church.
  17. Had to rush Beau to the E.R. right before I was going to put her to sleep.  Her eyes were glazed over and she didn’t look good at all.  I know God healed her in the car on the way there.
  18. I had just made a mental note in my head a few days ago about where an all night E.R. was located near us and so I knew right where we needed to go.
  19. Gus stayed really calm when we had to all run out of the house in pajamas.  He didn’t even have shoes on, but God helped him be brave and he wasn’t scared for Beau at all.
  20. They took us back to see the doctor as soon as we got there.
  21. Gus really enjoyed laying around and watching old Spider Man episodes while Beau was getting her check up.
  22. I had been walking Beau around and singing to her and when I tried to sit down and stop singing she sat up, looked at me and said “Sing Papa song”  She wanted me to keep singing Papa songs to her.  So sweet!
  23. Beau got a good report.  God really touched her!
  24. We drove to the ER speaking faith we drove home from the ER speaking praise!
  25. Trudi, Ken and Scott were are going to war for her in prayer tonight.
  26. Bills paid!
  27. Got the scavenger hunt clues for the big Disney World trip reveal written.
  28. No weapon formed against my family can prosper!  Whatever weapon was coming against Beau did not prosper tonight!

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