Day 80

My husband Josh is a children’s pastor, but he’s also a very gifted song writer.  He comes by it honest.  His dad is also a very gifted song writer and has written hundreds of praise and worship songs over the last 30 years.  A few years ago they decided to work on a project together and in May of 2012 they released a kid’s praise and worship CD called “Love Out Loud.”  Yesterday they released a second kid’s praise and worship CD called “I Believe In Jesus.”  Between the two CDs they have written 20 amazing songs, full of God’s word.

We delivered our son Felix still born right around the time Josh was working on the art design for “I Believe In Jesus” and he felt moved to dedicate the album to him.  The CDs came in the mail yesterday and I opened one up to see this:

“May the sound of children singing these songs of praise and worship echo the victorious name of Jesus in the ear of the enemy.  May the shouts of young voices stir the hearts of young and old alike to a noble theme.  That all who hear may know that satan has been defeated.  Death, hell and the grave have lost, and our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus, reigns forever more!  For Felix – Our torchbearer…you mattered”

I can’t think of a sweeter way to honor Felix than that.  I love the verse that God showed Josh when he was writing his dedication.  Psalm 45:1 (NIV) My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king…

The word stirred in that verse is from the word inditing and it is the only time it’s used in the whole Bible.  It means to boil or bubble up as fountain.  To overflow.

I think it’s safe to say that my heart has been stirred.  I have 80 blogs and 2,238 reasons to prove it.  My heart is bubbling up like a fountain, boiling over, and being stirred by a noble theme- thankfulness.

Everyone’s heart is bubbling up, overflowing and being stirred by some type of theme, what is the theme of your heart?  Is it a good theme, a noble theme?   If you want your heart to be stirred by a noble theme, you have to think on noble things.  The thing that stirred the heart of the Psalmist was reciting lovely poems about the king.  Sounds a lot like worship to me.  To stir your heart start reciting the Psalms, sing praises to God, take time to thank Him everyday, and worship Him with all you’ve got.

I love thinking about Felix in heaven hearing little kids on earth singing songs his daddy and papa wrote, reciting poems about the King that He knows so well, and those songs stirring the hearts of the kids who sing them and the hearts of anyone else in ear shot.  Get to stirrin’!

  1. The awesome way Josh honored Felix with his very sweet dedication.
  2. My heart has been stirred and is being stirred by a noble theme!
  3. Felix’s life has stirred a lot of peoples hearts.  He did matter!
  4. Josh has been able to do something with the songs God has given him through Ken Blount Ministries.
  5. David John.  He’s responsible for all the awesome production on Love Out Loud & I Believe In Jesus.  A very talented and gifted guy that has been a huge blessing to KBM.
  6. My favorite song out of all 20 is “Stripes and Scars”  I believe God wants to use it to help kids receive healing in their bodies, from colds to cancer and everything in between.
  7. These songs are ringing in the ears of the devil and he hates it.
  8. My cousin sent me a picture of her little girl dancing to “I Believe In Jesus”
  9. Gus knows every word to all 20 songs.  I love hearing him sing the word and praise God.
  10. I put off working out for a while so I could cuddle with Josh this morning…  it was way better than working out.
  11. I have been having to wake the kids up every morning.  Loving the late sunrises.
  12. I am going to be a GREAT aunt… not just like a really good aunt, but an actual great aunt.  My nephew and his wife are having a baby!
  13. Beau got to paint with a paint brush for the first time.  She did really good and only wanted to paint with purple.
  14. My little niece Baylee was born 6 years ago today!
  15. I got to visit with my favorite cousin Lindsay this afternoon.
  16. Gus and Beau go to play with their Texas cousins.
  17. I think it’s pretty random and very cool that me and my cousin from Tulsa ended up living in Texas about 15 minutes away from each other.
  18. Surprised Josh at the office this afternoon.  The kids think it’s SO cool to see where dad works.
  19. Beau can say “Josh Hall” it sounds more like “Osh All” but I know what she means and it’s adorable.
  20. Decided to try Pizzeria Testa for dinner.  It was good!  The owner was very nice and is very passionate about making pizza just like they do in Naples Italy.  I was impressed.
  21. Played the singing instead of talking game with Gus while we picked up toys.  It felt like we were in a play… it was fun.
  22. Beau was trying to sing along with me while I was putting her down for bed.  SO SWEET!
  23. It seems like laundry is never ending around here, but that’s good because it means I’ve got a healthy family that’s been blessed with lots of clothes to wear.
  24. Kit Kats.  Seriously, someone needs to get all of this fall festival candy out of my sight.
  25. Got to listen to a great message from my mom and dad’s pastor, Ron Woods.  It really ministered to me.  I was “amen-ing” all the way through it from my bathtub.
  26. Got to sing my heart out and worship God while doing my hair.  I’m tellin’ ya, I had church in my bathroom tonight!
  27. Clean hair!!
  28. My niece Afton texted me out of the blue to tell me she loved me.

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