Day 77

“More than all his victories against outside foes, the influence of his life and character on the men nearest to him testify to his essential greatness.” (Morgan)

Morgan is talking about King David’s mighty men and the influence he had on each of them.  In 2 Samuel 23 you can find a list of these mighty men and some of their mighty feats.  These guys were pretty impressive, but that wasn’t always the case.

1 Samuel 22:2 says but all who were down on their luck came around—losers and vagrants and misfits of all sorts. David became their leader. There were about four hundred in all.

Some of David’s mighty men came out of this group of losers. They joined him before he was king, as he was trying to escape from Saul, hiding in the the Cave of Adullam.  David was able to transform 37 of these down and out guys into his mighty men!  His life and character had a huge influence on them and these men testify to David’s greatness even more than all of the battles he won.

David was an awesome leader.  He realized the importance of training the people God brought into his life.  Do you realize God has put people in your life that he wants you to lead?  People that you can influence with your life and character.. they are commonly referred to as, your kids.  God brought your children into your life and He has assigned you as their leader!

My children came to me, like all children come to parents, helpless and in need of a leader!  Much like David’s soon to be mighty men came to him.  David could have looked passed these seemingly unimportant people, but he decided to take time to lead them and train them and in return he received 37 men who helped him build his legacy.

Parents are responsible for leading their children.. leading them to God.  Sadly, some parents spend more time and effort on potty training than they do on training their kids in the way they should go.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and your kids need you to lead them to Jesus.  When you take time to invest in your children spiritually you are investing in your own legacy.

You may own a business or have a church that you pastor or a staff that answers to you, but there is no one or no thing that needs your leadership like your kids do.  You are called to train them up to understand God’s word and show them how to have a real relationship with Him.  You are called to lead them to be mighty men and women of God.

What Morgan said of David and his influence on his mighty men we should be able to say of ourselves and the influence we have on our children.

“More than all of the success I had in my career, more than all of the money in my savings account, more than all of the employees I had, the influence of my life and character on my children testify to my essential greatness!”

Lead your children and let your life and character inspire them to be mighty men and women of God who help you build and carry on your own legacy!

  1. God has given me a son to lead and train to be a mighty man of God.
  2. God has give me a daughter to lead and train to be mighty woman of God.
  3. God has promised me more children that I can train to be mighty!
  4. When we invest in our kids life they will help us build our legacy.
  5. I get to work for Ken Blount Ministries which is all about teaching people how to spiritually lead their families.
  6. I have an awesome partner to parent with.. my husband is one amazing father.
  7. I woke up and had my quiet time and finished before anyone else woke up so I go to get back in bed and sleep for 20 more minutes.
  8. When I got up (the second time) I walked out into the living room and just had to stop and praise God for the beautiful pink clouds that filled the sky.
  9. I got to cuddle with Gus in his bed before he woke up.
  10. Breakfast and cartoons in bed.
  11. Beau let me hold her through a hold Jake & The Neverland Pirates episode.
  12. When I got Beau dressed for church Gus said “Beau, you look adorable!”  He’s so sweet!
  13. Got to teach the 5 year olds about Queen Esther at church.  I love that story!
  14. Had a great time writing this afternoon.
  15. Beau started to wake up from her nap after only 45 minutes, but went back to sleep and slept another hour and half!
  16. Love that Josh was home after church watching football instead of out playing football.
  17. Had fun building castles out of blocks with Gus.
  18. 22 first time visitors in kids this weekend!
  19. The Honey Crisp apples are HUGE this year.  1 of them feeds me and the kids.
  20. Braums with the Halls!
  21. My friend Anna brought us some homemade bread.
  22. Me and Beau tried a mix with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.. it was a little too good!  I ate way too much of it.
  23. The kids got to play at the park for a few minutes before it got dark.
  24. Check book balanced.
  25. Caught up on laundry.
  26. “My kingdom come, I will be done, on Earf as it is in heaven.”  – Gus
  27. 3 Sundays until Disney World!!  Going to have to start planning how to surprise Gus & Beau soon!
  28. Josh loaded my computer up with 80 new praise and worship songs!!

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