Day 74

So, I want to admit right up front that I know absolutely nothing about Rugby.. well I didn’t until today.  I read an article this afternoon about one of the “most winningest” teams in all of sports, the All Blacks from New Zealand.

According to Wikipedia, “the All Blacks are the Rugby World Cup champions, the IRB’s Team of the Year, the leading points scorers of all time and the only international rugby team with a winning record against every test nation they have ever played. The All Blacks have held the top ranking in the world for longer than all other countries combined.”

Before every game the All Blacks do a dance called haka a few feet in front of their opponents.  It’s pretty amazing to watch.  They aren’t messing around.  This is serious business to them.

A bunch of huge dudes doing a dance with crazed looks in their eyes while chanting seems like it would be more humorous than intimidating, but obviously it’s working for them.  The All Blacks didn’t make up the haka.  It was originally performed by Māori warriors centuries ago.  They would dance before a battle, proclaiming their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition.

The All Blacks use it in the same way.  They want the team they are about to face to know that they came to win.  But I’m sure it also gets them extremely fired up.

Praise is like our haka dance!  When we praise God we remind our opponent of our past victories and that we came to win.  We remind him of our win record, which by the way if Jesus is the Lord of your life then you are on the most winningest team there ever was or ever will be.  But when we praise God we also get ourselves fired up!

Most churches start their services with praise & worship.  Why?  It makes the devil flee and it brings us into the presence of God.  Praise is not just a great way to start church it’s a great way to start your day every day.  Do your haka dance!  Praise God and remind your opponent that you can’t be beat and remind yourself that you can’t be beat!

  1. I can’t be beat!  Jesus defeated everything for me.. even death!
  2. Praise not only brings me into God’s presence, but makes the devil flee.
  3. If you wake up everyday, you have something to praise God about everyday.
  4. Good quiet time reflecting on the all the amazing things God has shown me the past few months.
  5. Listening to Josh praise God while he was taking a shower.
  6. Playing with Beau in her closet today.  She’s extra fun when it’s just her and mama.
  7. Papa treated us to lunch at Market Street.
  8. Got to sit by Gus on the way home from preschool and hear about some new spanish words he learned.
  9. Papa got Gus a chocolate milk from Starbucks for his after school snack.
  10. Perfect weather for our Fall Festival tonight.
  11. Nana & Papa stayed in town so they could come to the festival with us, it was so nice having them to help me wrangle the kids.
  12. Beau was the cutest little owl I’ve ever seen.  I mean ridiculously cute.
  13. Gus was the toughest Incredible Hulk I’ve ever seen.  He even made a few girls cry.
  14. Gus was so brave and tried the big zip line and loved it.
  15. Beau got really into the little games and getting candy for her bucket.
  16. We got enough candy to last us until next Halloween.
  17. Josh and his team did such a great job!!!  Everything went great!
  18. Josh Hall!
  19. Jessie Junell!
  20. Alicia Ingram!
  21. Nichole Easley!
  22. Kristine Lopez!
  23. And all of the volunteers that made The Fall Festival happen.
  24. Great favor with the city of Frisco.
  25. No accidents of injuries.
  26. Beau got to leave when she was tired and went right to sleep for Nana.
  27. Gus got to stay and help me volunteer the last shift.
  28. Gus was so thankful for all the fun he had when he said his prayers.




One thought on “Day 74

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    Sarah, I love the information and music that your provide in your blog. I’m glad that you are so talented on the computer so you can share with people that not as savy as you. Gus and Beau looked great in their costumes and it looked like an amazing festival. Glad Kenney and Trudi could share that time with you guys. Love you so much.

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