Day 73

You know that Michael Jackson song that goes “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me?”  Good song, a little creepy, but it’s catchy, right?  That line popped into my head this morning as I was being told by the lady at the DMV that I did not have the right paper work to get my Texas license.. again.  I got up early, drove 30 minutes to get there, waited outside for 20 minutes, and then found out I was going to go home empty handed.  Mission failed!  The lady in front of me went home empty handed too and she was very upset about it.  She was slamming stuff down on the desk, aggressively putting all her paperwork back in her purse, all while letting the lady behind the desk know she was ticked off!

I was embarrassed for her and was thinking to myself, calm down lady it’s not her fault… until I got up there next and was told that what I brought wasn’t an approved form of address verification.  I felt like doing all of the same things the irate lady in front of me just did!  In my head I was screaming at the clerk, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WOMAN?!  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!  I wanted to storm off, roll my eyes, and slam my car door.  I hadn’t had breakfast yet either..  so I was extra aggravated.  But the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me that somebody might be watching.  I had been reading my Bible while waiting in line..  what if someone saw me reading my Bible and then a few seconds later saw me act like a jerk.  So I took a deep breath, thanked her for her help and walked out in a I’m not going to let this ruin my morning kind of a way.

People are always watching you.  They want to see how so called Christians respond in certain situations.

Moments after we found out we lost Felix I thought, what are people going to think?  I know it sounds so weird that a thought like that would come to me in such a difficult time but it was just the devil trying to add injury in insult.  I was concerned people would think we weren’t the people of faith we claimed to be or that we had some hidden sin that allowed this to happen.  Would it cause people to doubt or question God?  I knew with us being in ministry and being deeply devoted Christians that we had people watching us.  A few days later God gave me this scripture.

Psalm 40:3 (NLT) He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see what he has done and be amazed.  They will put their trust in the LORD.

He told me, “yes, people are watching, but if you walk through this with me, those people will see what I do in you and your family and they will be amazed, so amazed it will cause them to trust in me.”

People are watching you.  Your kids, co-workers, family, the lady you see at Starbucks everyday, your neighbors, your FaceBook friends and Twitter followers.  When things don’t go your way, you have an opportunity to show off your great God.  God wants to amaze people through you.  Realize you have an audience.  You may not think you do, but I promise there are many people that know you are a Christian and they are watching to see how you handle things, what you stand for, how you treat people, and if you practice what you preach.

Let God use you to put on a good show for your audience!  Let all who see you see an amazing God that they can put their trust in!

  1. The promise God gave me through Psalm 40:3.  Many will see Him work in our lives and be amazed and put their trust in Him.
  2. The Holy Spirit reminded me that someone could be watching me at the DMV.
  3. How great is our God, ALL WILL SEE, how great, how great is our God – Chris Tomlin
  4. My morning wasn’t ruined.
  5. I got to read my Bible this morning while waiting in line.
  6. I enjoyed my 30 minute drive to the DMV and getting some extra time to worship God.
  7. “Clouds never stop moving–Just like God!!” – Kari Jobe.  The clouds were moving so beautifully across the sky this morning.
  8. Nana & Papa watched the kids so they didn’t have to go to the DMV.
  9. Papa treated us to Whataburger for lunch..  I wonder how many times Whataburger will make it into my 10,000 reasons.
  10. Josh got to join us for lunch!
  11. “I seem to love you mom.” – Gus
  12. I got to listen to Gus and his Nana play car lot with all of his hot wheels while I worked this afternoon.
  13. Nana not only played with Gus but found a way to teach him about the principal of sowing and reaping.  Gus was having so much fun.
  14. I got a lot of work done today.
  15. Our credit card company called us and let us know someone had made and swiped a card in Hong Kong to buy $600 worth of stuff with our card number.  Glad they caught it and we won’t have to pay for the fraudulent charges.
  16. Ken & Trudi took their strength finder tests.  It was interesting and fun talk to find out what their top 5 strengths were.  Josh, Me, and Ken all have belief as #1, Trudi has it as her #2.  That’s a whole lot of belief!
  17. Gus has new shoes that velcro and he can put them on all by himself!!
  18. Treated myself to a cup of tea from Teavana.  So good!
  19. Went to buy Gus a new pair of jeans since all of a sudden his are way too small.  Hit the last day of the buy one pair get one 50% off sale at Gap.
  20. Nana bought Beau a very special present tonight… her first pair of Uggs!  They are so unbelievably cute on her little chubby legs.
  21. Beau was excited about her new boots.  She even had to go look at herself in the mirror with them on.
  22. Free balloons from Nordstrom.
  23. Had a fun night hanging out with the whole family at the mall.
  24. Josh was home tonight!
  25. After looking through about 15 super hero books Gus picked out a new Iron Man book from Barnes & Noble.  2 books in 1, plus stickers.  Score!
  26. A very nice evening cuddling on the couch and verging out on some Revolution and 30 for 30.
  27. Relaxing bath.
  28. 1 more sleep til Fall Festival!

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