Day 71

So I’m still not done with Isaiah 40:31.  But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.

Me and my son like to find cool animal videos on YouTube and the most fascinating one we’ve ever seen is of a Bald Eagle catching a fish mid flight.  Eagles are just really amazing creatures.  I wrote yesterday about how they can fly more than 15,000 feet up in the air.  They also have amazing binocular like eyesight, can fly at 30 mph, dive at 90 mph.. like I said, amazing creatures.

God says we can soar like eagles when we get fresh strength from Him, and eagles are excellent soarers even in storms.  In fact, eagles do some of their best soaring in a storm.  They find the wind of the storm and let it lift them above the clouds.  They take advantage of the wind and they rise..  they rise to greater heights.  Other birds hide when storms come, but not the eagle.

Every living Christian will face storms, and in every storm you can choose to try to hide and wait it out, or you can find the wind and let it take you to greater heights.

The greatest storm I’ve ever faced was having to deliver our son Felix still born.  I felt like hiding.  I felt like just waiting for it to go away, but instead of waiting for it to go away my husband and I decided to wait on the Lord.  We  drew strength from Him, and decided we were going to use this storm to go to greater heights.  We found the wind, spread our wings and soared.  It is very hard to wrap my mind around how high we have flown in the last 3 months.  It is by the goodness of God and through the supernatural strength He has given us each day that we are soaring above the storm.

When storms come, wait on God, get your strength, find the wind, spread your wings and get ready to soar to new heights.

  1. God’s word is so good!
  2. He specifically used Eagle in this verse, because He created Eagles and knows how awesome they are.
  3. If we wait on God and get strength from Him in the midst of storms, we will rise to new heights.
  4. God has helped us soar over the last 3 months in such an amazing and miraculous way.
  5. The video of the eagle and catching the fish.  Seriously these birds are bad to the bone!
  6. Over 2,500 pastors & leaders at Gateway for our leadership and worship conference.
  7. Josh’s job today is being at the conference and hearing some of the most influential pastors teach on leadership..  that’s pretty awesome.
  8. Had a great morning catching up on school work with Gus.  He’s really improved on his writing in the last few weeks.
  9. Fun time riding bikes around the neighborhood and finding all the pumpkins and fall decorations along the way.
  10. I got to lead my kids in worship and teach them a Bible story at home.  I love my job.
  11. Very productive afternoon of work.  To do list was accomplished.
  12. Play date at the mall playground this afternoon.
  13. Gus & Beau had fun playing and I had fun visiting with my friends.
  14. My friend was believing for healing in her thyroid and all her test came back perfect!  God is so good!
  15. Gus picked up his legos today without being asked!!  When I noticed he told me God helped him remember that mom doesn’t like it when he leaves a mess before getting something else out!
  16. All of the tweets about the Gateway Conference.  So nice hearing all of the awesome things being taught.
  17. Josh asked me if I had make up on this morning, when I didn’t.
  18. Left over tortilla soup for dinner.
  19. Gus set up a pet store for me and Beau to shop at with all of Beau’s stuffed animals.
  20. Kids were so well behaved for me tonight.
  21. Beau was saying “swim” in the bathtub tonight and she was trying to swim!
  22. Pink skin, clean hair, combed hair..  is there anything sweeter than freshly bathed kiddos?
  23. Gus told God he was the king of the universe, the sea, outer space and the mailboxes.
  24. I had the whole evening to myself to study and write.
  25. Got to stream some of Bill Hybel’s message tonight!  Let your words be few, true & life giving!
  26. Ken & Trudi really enjoyed their day at the conference.
  27. They got to experience Gateway Worship.  Love my church and love how all they are after in worship is God’s presence.
  28. Everyone had safe trips to and from Southlake.

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