Day 69

Last year right before we were about to go on vacation my husband realized that his driver’s license was expired.  He knew he would need it to fly so he went to the DMV here in Texas to have it renewed, only to find out since his license was from Oklahoma he would have to retake the driver’s test and it would be two weeks before he would have a new Texas license in his hands.  We were flying out in two days and couldn’t wait two weeks.  A clerk at the DMV told him that he could get it renewed in Oklahoma without having to take the test again.  So he drove over the Texas border into Oklahoma to the closest DMV he could find.  When he got there they told him that the copy of his birth certificate was not acceptable as a second form of identification, which he was required to have.  Where could he get a certified copy of his birth certificate?  He was born in Texas, so back to Texas he drove.  He waited around at a court house for some time, got what he needed and drove back to Oklahoma, and finally after 8 long hours and lots and lots of driving he had renewed his driver’s license.

I was reminded of that crazy day this morning when I read this scripture,

Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength;

You can’t renew something that you never had in the first place.  So if we can renew our strength, then God has given us strength to renew, but apparently that strength can expire.

To renew that supply of strength we have to wait on the Lord.  The Amplified Bible breaks down the word wait like this; expect, look for, and hope in Him.  When we wait on the Lord there is a fresh supply of strength waiting for us each day, the perfect amount of strength to get us through whatever things we may face.  But, if we don’t wait on the Lord  and renew our strength over time that strength gets depleted.

If Josh would have realized his license was about to expire and had gone to renew it in Texas before it did, the renewal process would have been much easier.  Same with the strength God has given us.  If we wait until we are completely wiped out, completely weak, and our strength has expired the renewal process is going to be much more of a process.  Take time to renew yourself everyday.  Wait on God everyday, let him renew that strength everyday, so you never have to be weak.  Receive your power from the Lord and from His mighty strength.  Ephesians 6:10

  1. God has given us His strength!
  2. If we wait on the Lord everyday that strength won’t expire.
  3. I had a great start to my day, waiting on the Lord!
  4. Watched a beautiful sunrise with my beautiful boy.
  5. Gus helped me make a big breakfast this morning.
  6. Had dinner made by 9 a.m.
  7. Josh played with the kids so I could go jogging.
  8. I was all out of my soap, had to borrow Josh’s and I smelled like him all day.  I can’t stop smelling my arm.
  9. Gus loves his new coloring book and colored with me this morning.  Such a quiet and relaxing activity.
  10. Gus and Beau trying to break dance.
  11. Josh will be gone for dinner almost every night this week, so I’m not making dinner for the next 5 nights!
  12. Beau napped great this afternoon, Gus played great this afternoon, so I got a lot done this afternoon!
  13. Short grocery list, cheap grocery bill!
  14. Fridge and pantry are full.
  15. Bills are paid.
  16. Colored in the last part of our Disney savings thermometer today!!  God gave us a plan and in 3 months we saved enough to pay cash for our trip and not have to take money out of our savings.
  17. My dad helped me figure out what to do about my running toilet while Josh was at work.
  18. Great worship tonight!  Every song was a Gateway original.. and every song was awesome!
  19. Great message tonight!
  20. God’s kingdom has come!
  21. Gus told us about an awesome boxing dream he had last night and we got it on video.  Of course God helped him win the boxing match.
  22. Tortilla soup for dinner!
  23. Greek yogurt.
  24. I had to tell Gus to slow down on the broccoli tonight.  He is such a great vegetable eater.
  25. Beau looked so pretty in her little black and white blouse tonight for church.
  26. My Frye boots.  Found them on e-bay years ago and I look forward to them every fall.
  27. Relaxing evening after church.
  28. Cider Lane Slatkin & Co candle.  The house smells delicious.

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