Day 68

A few nights ago I was tucking my four year old in and going through our bed time routine.  When it was time to pray, he just rattled off a quick prayer and was ready to move on to polar bear hugs, elbow drops, body slams, and the joke of the night.  I felt like he needed to slow down and think about what he was doing so I said, “Okay Gus, you know that prayer is talking to God, so I want you to imagine He is standing right here in your room.  What do you want to talk to Him about.”

He got still, he got quiet and with his big blue eyes shut extra tight He said, “God, I promise that I will never forget about you.”

When he said that I began to cry thinking about how so many people forget about God all of the time.

Deuteronomy 8:11 Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today,

Beware means be cautious and alert to the dangers of.  When you see a “beware of dog” sign posted on someones backyard fence, you stop before waltzing in to get your tennis ball back.  God’s giving the Israelites a “Beware of Forgetting God” sign here.  He wouldn’t put up a sign if it wasn’t something they needed to be alerted about.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had actual “Beware of Forgetting God” signs posted everywhere, to help us remember Him throughout the day.

The election booth would be a good place to start.  Instead of voting based on what is best for your job or your finances, remember God, and vote for what is moral.

How about the bank?  Don’t forget that God blessed you with that check and you need to give 10% back to Him.

Before logging into Facebook.  Have you talked to God today?  Have you said a single word to Him?

When you turn on the TV.  God is here with you, but He is going to have to leave if you are going to watch this kind of show.

It would be hard to forget about God with signs like that around, but they aren’t around and I don’t think they ever will be, so we have to depend on something else.

John 14:25 But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

The Holy Spirit will remind you of everything God has said!  The Bible (God’s Word) says “Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God”  God said it, the Holy Spirit will remind you of it.  Ask Him to start posting “Beware Of Forgetting God” signs all over the place for you and He will!

  1. The Holy Spirit will remind us not to forget God.
  2. Gus helped me remember how important it is not to forget.
  3. Psalm 119:13 I am small, but I do not forget your precepts.  
  4. Beau’s morning voice.
  5. Cartoons and a picnic breakfast this morning.
  6. Slept so good last night!
  7. Josh took Gus out this afternoon while Beau was napping.  I enjoyed a few hours to myself.
  8. Josh unloaded the dishwasher this morning.
  9. The sweet note our friend Kevin sent us to day.  Meant so much to me.
  10. My friend Briana sent me a sweet message too.  I was so glad the blog from yesterday that seemed like it took forever to write blessed her.
  11. Tamara Flower’s message.  I’m so glad she laughs, cries, and learns when she reads 10kreasons and that she took time to let me know that.
  12. Gena Dvorak.  She likes my posts everyday!
  13. Niki Powell.  She has been so encouraging since I started writing.
  14. Found Beau some shoes for her Halloween costume.  Gap had them for $20, I got them for $5!
  15. Bought all of my Christmas candles today and got a great deal.  Only 41 days until I can start burning them.
  16. Forgot to bring the stroller to the mall.  Gus & Beau enjoyed renting the big car stroller.
  17. I finally figured out how to twist my bangs..  thank you little teen for the youtube demo.
  18. Surprised Josh with a date night tonight!
  19. Our babysitter was available on really short notice.
  20. I got an email from Southwest reminding me I had a flight coming up soon!!!!  30 days til Disney!
  21. Our babysitter brought the kids new coloring books and crayons.  No wonder they love her so much.
  22. Lost Beau’s shoe at the mall, but we remembered where we saw it last, called the mall and a security guard recovered it.  Cinderella got her shoe back.
  23. Decided to try a new place for dinner.  Tasty Garden Chinese.  It was delicious!
  24. Really enjoyed Argo tonight.  Well done Ben Affleck, well done!
  25. Twizzlers!
  26. I have so much fun dating my husband.
  27. Came home to sweet, sleeping kids.
  28. I remember before Josh & I got married I never wanted our dates to end.. now they don’t have to.  Happy to be cuddling in bed with my date.

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