Day 65

My family goes to Gateway Church, one of the best churches in America. We have an awesome pastor, great praise and worship, super children’s ministry, and on and on.  We really are a very blessed church.  But something that Gateway has that I have never seen anywhere else is Freedom Ministries.  One of the things Freedom Ministries is designed to do is help you learn to hear and respond to God’s voice.  My husband is actually one of the pastors at Gateway, and he got to go through freedom training a few weeks ago at work.  In his training they were doing an exercise where you ask God a question and then just wait and listen for his response.  One of the questions he was told to ask God was “What lie am I believing right now?”  So he asked God, and God immediately spoke to him.

When we lost Felix we both felt responsible.  We knew we weren’t living in sin and we weren’t out of God’s will for our lives, but still, the devil came at us with feelings of guilt and condemnation.  We both felt we hadn’t been praying enough, speaking God’s word enough, just not doing enough.  We knew that God is good all of the time and if He’s good and this wasn’t something He did, maybe it was something we did.  Of course, we knew the devil was responsible, he is the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but did we let him in?

So, two and half months later Josh asks God “What lie am I believing right now?” and God told him, “You were not responsible for Felix’s death.”  What a sweet God.  He knew we both needed to hear that.

Isaiah 40:2 Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her, that her warfare has ended…

The words “speak comfort” in the Hebrew mean “speak to the heart.”  To “speak to the heart” is to speak in such a way as to remove the troubles of the heart; to furnish consolation, and joy.   (Barnes)  To speak what would be very cordial, acceptable, grateful, and comfortable.  (Gill’s)  Like a young man wooing a young lady God wants to speak  kind words to your heart!

I’m so glad Josh was in that training session and that question came up between him and God.  God spoke to his heart.  He wants to speak to your heart, ask and listen.

  1. God speaks and He speaks right to our hearts.
  2. God spoke to Josh’s heart and removed the troubles and brought joy.
  3. We go to such an awesome church!
  4. Josh got to be in the freedom ministry training and not only got great training but got great healing.
  5. Josh has been teaching Gus to let God speak to his heart.
  6. I finished “Praying Circles Around Your Children” by Mark Batterson.  More devoted to praying for my kids than ever before.
  7. You can get the book for free on Kindle right now, so get it.  It will bless you and your kids.
  8. Beautiful smiling faces all around my breakfast table this morning.
  9. In between brushing teeth and washing my face I had a really great conversation with Josh before he left for work.
  10. I had my quiet time, worked out, put on make up, got dressed and then got Gus to school on time!
  11. Got to spend some one on one time with Beau this morning.  She loved picking out her own juice at Quik Trip.
  12. Went to the library and ended up having an unplanned play date when we ran into our friends Briana and Olivia.
  13. Taco Bueno.  If I could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of my life, I would pick Taco Bueno.
  14. Came home to a clean house.
  15. The awesome Wilderness Explorer Kit Gus got from Nolan’s party.  That plus the pictures made us feel like we actually got to be there to celebrate.
  16. Perfect fall weather.
  17. Got Gus’ school pictures and although they messed up his hair, he has the cutest little smile!
  18. Gus had a great day at school.
  19. Crock pot dinner.
  20. Josh was late coming home because he had to take 5 truck loads of candy up to the church for Fall Festival.  What a great job he has!
  21. Got to spend time with the Gateway Frisco pastor’s wives tonight!  Love those ladies.
  22. I am a pastor’s wife!  I didn’t know Josh was called to pastor until a few days after we were married, but I love doing what we are called to do.
  23. I came home to a very clean and good smelling husband.
  24. The new praise and worship album Forever Yours from Gateway Worship released today.  Good stuff!!
  25. Pastor Jelani told Josh that he was praying over us this morning and prayed about a book I would write.
  26. Josh had talked to me about a book this morning before he met with Pastor Jelani.
  27. My niece is at the Family Reunion Conference for Life Church.  What a great way to start her new job!
  28. I did something a little snotty today and Gus let me know I wasn’t letting my let shine.  He was right, I had to apologize.

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