Day 64

I played on a softball team in 4th grade called the Hot Shots.  We were awful.  The “run rule” was invented for teams like us.  For any of you who don’t know, the run rule is when one team gets so far ahead of the other team that the umpire will call the game early.  There is nothing the losing team can do to win, they have fallen too far behind.

I read this story today and thought it was pretty awesome when the Pharisees got run ruled by Jesus.

John 12:12-19 tells about when Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem and a great multitude were shouting praises to Him and waving their palm branches.  You know the story, you probably waved pretend palm branches while shouting Hosanna at some point in your life if you grew up in Sunday school.  So while this “triumphal entry” is going on the Pharisees (who hated Jesus) were talking amongst themselves.  Here’s what they said to each other, verse 19, “See, this is getting us nowhere.  Look how the whole world has gone after him!”

The praises of the multitude of people made the Pharisees squirm, they made them freak out.  They begin to see that they were getting no where.  They were beat.  There was nothing they could do now.  The whole world was going after Jesus.

Nothing reminds the devil that he has lost like the praises of God ringing in his ears.  Praise makes him squirm, it makes him freak out.  When you praise God it reminds the devil that you are going after Jesus!  And if you are going after Jesus, you just run ruled him.  There is no way he can come back, no way he can win, nothing he can do to stop you.

You may feel like you are on the losing team, the one that can’t get ahead, but the Bible says that your game has already been won for you by Jesus.  Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  (Rom 8:37)  Praise God today and remind the devil of that fact!  Call the run rule on him!

  1. Praise makes the devil squirm!
  2. I win everyday, because of Jesus living in me.. oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, I win everyday oh oh. 
  3. I am going after Jesus and the devil has been run ruled.
  4. Life lessons learned playing 4th grade softball.
  5. My husband looked very handsome as he headed off to work this morning.
  6. Beautiful weather today!
  7. Had a great Bible time with Gus this morning.  I love when I see him get something.
  8. Adorable video of an adorable little girl singing the Lord’s prayer.
  9. Got so much done this morning.
  10. Gus & Beau had every stuffed animal in this house lined up feeding them pretend cake and punch.
  11. Good veggie tray from Target.  I actually enjoyed eating vegetable with my lunch today.
  12. Black bean soup tastes better than it looks.
  13. Finally caught up on laundry again.
  14. My front loading washer and dryer.
  15. I got to stay in my pajamas until 5 today.  It was nice having no where to go.
  16. I get to see Gus’ school pictures tomorrow!!
  17. Got to hang out with The Cochran’s tonight.
  18. Blessed with some tasty pizza for dinner.
  19. Rice Krispy Treats courtesy the very talented Lindsey Cochran.
  20. Lindsey played so great with Gus & Beau.
  21. Pastor Rand told me Josh is knocking it out of the park at work.  So glad he’s enjoying his job.
  22. I got the night off..  no making or cleaning up dinner.
  23. Josh had the night off.  Been missing him on Mondays.
  24. Gus asked me to ask God who His favorite big boy is.. before I could answer he reminded me that he was a big boy.  Couldn’t bear to tell him God is no respecter of persons.
  25. Gus figured out how to type his first and last name on the computer today. When I opened my laptop there was a document pulled up with his name typed out and what looked like his take on our address.
  26. Jimmy Evans, one of my favorite pastors is celebrating his birthday today.  I’m glad he was born, glad he got born again, and glad I can listen to him via podcasts every week.
  27. Josh is doing a great job at keeping his office that I cleaned last week very organized.
  28. Columbus discovered America!

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