Day 60

When Josh and I were dating and even when we were newly married we used to take little day trips up to Dallas to shop. We loved being able to go to all of the “cool” places that they didn’t have in Tulsa. Urban Outfitters was one of those cool places. We could literally shop for hours there.

We live near Dallas now and not too long ago we went into an Urban Outfitters. It’s was different than it was 10 years ago. We felt so out of place. We were too clean looking and too old looking. Not to mention we could barely get around in there without one of the kids pulling something off a shelf or banging into a display of weird books with our big double stroller. We do not belong there anymore!

Do you ever go somewhere and think, I don’t belong here? It’s a funny feeling. You just want to get out as quickly as possible and you usually don’t go back.

I know a place where lots of people think they don’t belong, but God says they do. It’s the throne of grace.

Hebrews 4:16 So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.

I love that scripture! We belong at the throne of our gracious God and we can come boldly to it. The enemy would love to make us feel uncomfortable and intimidated about approaching God, because he doesn’t want us to find grace and help when we need it most. He wants us to feel like a mom in Urban Outfitters with a huge double stroller knocking things over as we try to make our way back out the door. We can come boldly, because we belong!

What makes us belong? It’s not because you served at church last weekend, tithe regularly, read your Bible this morning, or a just a nice person. It’s because someone paid a great price for you to be there. Jesus gave his life for us and His father adopted us and now He’s invited us to receive mercy (kindness and forgiveness) and grace (favor) whenever we need it. We all NEED those things everyday, so go boldly with reverence instead of awkwardness. Don’t let the devil tell you that you don’t belong.

  1. Jesus gave His life for me.
  2. I can come boldly to the throne and obtain priceless grace and mercy.
  3. God putting on my heart “We Belong! Now Act like it!”
  4. One of my favorite songs, “Where We Belong”
  5. The mercy seat is where grace reigns, and loves to exert and exalt itself toward us. – Matthew Henry
  6. Josh took Gus to school and let Beau ride along so I could finish my workout.
  7. We had a safe trip to Tulsa.
  8. Portable DVD players! Make a 4 hour drive with 2 kids a piece of cake.
  9. Gus had a great day at school and was SO excited when I picked him up a few hours early to head to Tulsa.
  10. Got to see Gus’ class picture. Cutest smile ever. I can’t wait to see his individual picture.
  11. Beau had a great nap in the car.
  12. 4 hours of quality conversation with my very best friend!
  13. 3 months ago today we were in Tulsa trying to celebrate the 4th of July, the day after finding out we would meet our baby boy in heaven instead of in November.. What an amazing 3 months of healing it has been!
  14. Josh took time this morning to tell me how much I mean to him.
  15. Pretzels. The kid’s favorite road trip snack.
  16. Hideaway Pizza!!! Yeah, 3 explanation points. Dallas hasn’t quite nailed down the pizza thing.
  17. Papa bought our pizza.
  18. Nana bought Gus a new Cat Woman to go with his Batman action figures.
  19. Nana bought Beau a new baby doll, Sissy.
  20. Gus told Nana he was going to dream about her biscuits and gravy tonight.
  21. Josh said something hilarious right as I was taking a drink of water.. I spit it everywhere.
  22. Wonderful, sweet, anointed, powerful conversation tonight with my amazing husband and in-laws.
  23. Nana got to read to Gus and tuck him in tonight.
  24. More direction and wisdom about making 10k into a book.
  25. Come In My Courts Love listening to this song and thinking about God singing it to us.
  26. Beau got so shy when we first got to Nana & Papa’s, but it wasn’t long until she was kissing everyone and being her amazing little self.
  27. Gus was very excited about sleeping in his New Dr. Seuss bed here.
  28. My dad bought us Mavis Beacon typing software when we were kids and I can type pretty dang fast nowadays.

2 thoughts on “Day 60

  1. Shannon says:

    One of my favorite verses!

    Got Mavis Beacon for Ty a couple years ago, good purchase. Another good one, for younger kids, is Typing Instructor for Kids. Makes typing into fun games, and helps them learn where the keys are. Can’t remember how old Ty was when he used that program. Haven’t done it with Lydia yet, but maybe soon.

  2. Lana Osborn says:

    Sarah, just want to let you know how awesome I think your writing is!!
    I will certainly agree with you for wisdom and direction to get this on the written page to be a blessing to many!!

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