Day 54

My very first job was at The Gap.  It was so exciting to me.  I was getting a little paycheck, a great discount on clothes, and I got to leave high school two hours early every day thanks to the “job out” program.  It was great.. except for the folding clothes part.  And that is all I did for the first few weeks.  A four hour shift felt like a ten hour shift.  I was tempted to quit a few times, but I knew if I kept at it I would get promoted to “cash wrap attendant.”  I was right.  After a few weeks they taught me how to work the register.  I still had to fold clothes, but now I got to handle money, see what people were buying, and compete with the other cash wrap attendants to see who could get the most people to sign up for Gap Credit Cards.  I don’t remember if I got a pay raise, I just remember that being promoted was such a great feeling!  When you get promoted by man it’s awesome, but nothing compares to promotion from God.

Promotion means an advancement in rank or position.  You don’t have to have a boss or be in the work place to get promoted by God.  God wants to promote you spiritually.  He wants to take you to new levels with Him.  All you need is devotion.

Devotion leads to promotion.  Catchy, huh?  I like when stuff rhymes.

In 1 Chronicles 4:9 we are introduced to a man named Jabez and the first things it says about him is, Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.  What made him more honorable than his brothers?  What promoted him over his brothers?  He was devoted to prayer!  He has two verses in the Bible, yet there are whole sermons and books written about him and his prayer life.

He prayed God would bless him indeed, enlarge his territory, that God’s hand would be with him, and that God would keep him from evil.  God answered his prayer and put took him new a new lever of honor.

Jabez’s brothers must have devoted their lives to something other than prayer, and that’s why the Bible says he was a better man than they were.  They may have been more successful in the work place and they may have been the ones who always seemed to be up for promotions, but God was promoting Jabez in ways no man could promote him.

Everyone is devoted to something, but promotion doesn’t come from just being a devoted father, husband, mother, wife, employee, friend, church goer, etc.  Promotion comes when we are devoted to God through prayer.   Decide to devote time each day to pray, make it top priority, and God will promote you to a place of honor, just like He promoted Jabez.  Devotion leads to promotion.

  1. God is going out of his way to speak to me about the importance of prayer right now.
  2. God promotes us when we are devoted to prayer.
  3. I made a choice to get up an hour earlier a few months ago to assure I had time to pray and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I look forward to that special time every morning.
  4. Gus ran downstairs this morning to make sure I was watching the beautiful sunset.
  5. Praising God this morning with my little boy.
  6. The line at the DMV looked very intimidating, but it wasn’t bad at all.
  7. Josh lost our car tag, but we able to replace it for only $7.
  8. The kids were very patient with us while we ran errands all morning.
  9. Nice lunch at 5th street with my nice little family.
  10. Lunch was free..  still being blessed by the gift card from the Halls.
  11. Beth Helton!  She is a blessing to us and we are so thankful she is at the Frisco campus.
  12. Listening to Josh & Gus play D.C. Super Friends while I did some writing.
  13. I had a date night with the most handsome 4 year old in the universe.  Gus!
  14. Josh had him comb his hair and put on “church clothes” for me.  His outfit was ridiculously cute.
  15. He came to the front door to pick me up with a beautiful white flower.
  16. Whataburger.  It’s becoming a date night tradition for us.
  17. Finding Nemo.  What a heart felt movie.  I cried several times.  It made me miss Felix.
  18. About 10 years ago another very handsome date took me to see Finding Nemo.  I still remember seeing it with Josh just a few days before our wedding.
  19. Sour Patch Kids, Reeses Pieces, Popcorn, Sprite for Gus and a Cherry Coke for me.
  20. Josh had a date night too..  with one beautiful little Beau.
  21. Josh loves movies and I know he would have loved to go see Finding Nemo with us, but he let us go by ourselves.
  22. Gus told me on the way home “Nemo was disobedient and that’s why He got lost.”  I like that he picked up on that.
  23. Beau got to have her favorite treat tonight..  cupcakes!  Josh took her to the pink cupcake place with the princess carriage.  I got a video of her throughly enjoying her self.
  24. God gave Josh some awesome art ideas for the music video to “Stripes & Scars.”  It’s going to be amazing.
  25. Gus told me about 15 times on the way home, “that was the best date night ever.”
  26. When Gus’ seat belt gets stuck he says “Why is the seat belt being so stubborn like Pharaoh?”  I laugh every time.
  27. Favorite tweet today via Sarah Hart Pearsons via Brother Moore  “How to increase your capacity to receive from God- cultivate a lifestyle of THANKSGIVING.”  I hear that!
  28. It rained today!

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