Day 49

My son is in his second year of preschool and one of the things they are teaching the students is independence.  When he gets to school he finds his cubby, takes out his folder, unpacks his lunchbox, and hangs up his back pack all on his own.  We are teaching him to do things on his own at home too, because when he moves out someday we don’t want to have to drive over to his house to help him brush his teeth.

We have all been trained to do things on our own since we were just little preschoolers and because of that I think sometimes it’s hard for us to ask for help.  We think we should be able to figure everything out on our own.  And yes, we should be able to iron a shirt and prepare kraft mac n cheese without assistance, but there are things that we aren’t made to tackle on our own, and if try to, we will fail.

Hebrews 13:6 The Lord is my helper I will not fear..

One of God’s roles in our life is helper.  He wants to help.  He’s not disappointed when we can’t do something on our own.  He doesn’t want us to be independent like our teachers and parents trained us to be.  He wants us to be dependent.. on Him!

I’m guilty of turning to things like Google for help instead of turning to God.  Google is helpful, but it doesn’t know us and our situation like God does.  The great men and women of faith in the Bible didn’t have all of the resources we have today.  Abraham couldn’t search the web for “how to conceive when your wife is 99.”  WebMD wasn’t available to give the woman with the issue of blood medical advice.  Joseph couldn’t put a post on Facebook to let everyone know what his brothers had done.  They only had God to turn to and that’s a good thing because turning to God for help is foolproof!

What are you trying to figure out on your own?  Why your baby won’t sleep through the night?  Why your husband won’t help around the house?  Why you aren’t happy?  Why you can’t get pregnant?  Why you keep doing things you know you aren’t supposed to do?  Why your child isn’t enjoying school?  I’m sure you could find all kinds of answers to these questions by searching the web or reading a magazine or watching Dr Phil, but try asking God first, because He has the RIGHT answer.

  1. God is my helper.
  2. I have nothing to fear!
  3. He has always helped me every time I’ve asked Him to.
  4. God reminded me to teach my kids that it’s okay to be dependent on God.
  5. It’s okay that I can’t figure out everything on my own.  God loves when we lay down our pride and tell Him we need Him.
  6. Google.  It is helpful and I use it everyday for things “like how many ounces in a cup.”
  7. Beau reading to me in her amazingly sweet little sleepy voice.
  8. Kids both looked so cute for church today in their new clothes we got with the gift card from Grammy.
  9. My niece & nephew got to come hear Josh preach today.
  10. I spent my morning with a class full of sweet 5 year olds singing and learning about Jesus.
  11. Josh was able to give some nice shoes to my nephew, they fit him great and were just what he needed to go with his new pants.
  12. Beau has been so sweet considering she has about 5 teeth coming in right now.
  13. My sweet and beautiful niece Desiree was born 15 years ago today!
  14. The picture of Desiree my sister posted today.  I remember when she was that little and now she’s a freshman!
  15. Relaxing Sunday afternoon.
  16. Beau just wanted to lay around on me and be cuddled this afternoon.
  17. Good left overs for dinner!
  18. Josh warmed up dinner, cleaned up dinner, and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher for me.
  19. Sweet, sticky faces after ice cream at Braum’s.
  20. Justin & Courtney had a safe trip home.
  21. “There’s nothing better than cuddling with mamma” – Gus
  22. Gus borrowed Josh’s cologne this morning.  I love good smelling boys.
  23. Josh had Gus call me and ask me out on a date this Friday night.
  24. Sunday Night Football and Food Network with my sweet husband.
  25. The little dinosaur Gus’ cousins bought him hatched today.  He played with “Verde” all night.  Gave him a bath, made a bed for him to sleep in.  So adorable.
  26. I finally got a Twitter account!  I’m at sarahblount10k if you wanna follow me.
  27. I’m a Blount..  that is awesome!
  28. The hymn finder on  I love being able to find old hymns based on whatever scripture I’m studying.

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