Day 43

Matthew 14:27 But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I Am! Stop being afraid!

These are the words Jesus spoke to the disciples as He walked on water toward their boat that was being beaten and tossed by the waves.

That’s all the scared disciples needed to know, “I am!”

When we found out Felix’s spirit was gone, my husband posted an announcement on Facebook to let all of our friends know.  Of course, my mom knew before we posted it on Facebook, but she still commented on his post.  She wrote, “I AM is with you.”

That statement wouldn’t mean anything to someone who doesn’t know Jesus, but to someone who does know Him it means everything.  The disciples knew Jesus.  They had just seen him miraculously feed 5,000 plus people.  They had watched him heal the sick, cast out demons, calm the storms, fulfill prophesy, and live a perfect, sin free life.  When He said “I am!”  they knew what He meant, whatever you need me to be, I am.

When Saul, who made it his life’s mission to threaten and arrest Christians, had an encounter with Jesus, he asked “Who are you, lord?” and Jesus answered, “I am Jesus”  He had to throw “Jesus” in there because Saul hadn’t been properly introduced to Him yet.  Saul wouldn’t have known who “I am” was.  It would have been a guessing game to him.  But he figured it out pretty quick, Jesus is not just some do-gooder, He is “I am!”  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  He is healing.  He is peace.  He is wisdom.  He is joy.  He is righteous.  He is light.  He is love.  He is everything we need.

When we have the right knowledge about who “I am” is, those two simple words can open the door to true comfort.

  1. The Great I Am!  I’m so thankful for The Great I AM!
  2. “I am” means something to me, because I know Jesus.
  3. “I am” has calmed many storms in my life, like he calmed the storm the disciple were in.
  4. “I am” is more than enough for me in every situation.
  5. My mom reminded me  that “I am” was with me on such a hard day, He was, and I’ll never forget it.
  6. “The Great I Am”  Such a good song!
  7. 5 years ago today I found out I was going to be a mom!!!!  God is faithful.  I will never forget that joyous day.
  8. God went way, way, way, way, way above all we could ask or think when he gave us Joseph Augustus.
  9. The message we heard by Geof Jackson at Grace Church in Tulsa that taught us not to judge the promise God had given us for children.  We were pregnant just a few weeks after hearing it.
  10. The video we have of Ken & Trudi finding out that we had a bun in the oven.  Makes me cry every time I see it!
  11. God gave me an encouraging word to give to Josh this morning.
  12. Gus has been fever free all day today!
  13. Gus got to watch a few healing episodes of The Gospel Bill Show this morning.
  14. When they wrote those shows they packed them so full of God’s word.  I loved watching Gus watch Gospel Bill put stripes on the picture of Jesus.  It ministered to him and to me too.
  15.  The old videos got turned into DVDs so my kids can enjoy them.
  16. My mom purchased the whole set of DVDs for us.
  17.!  I have really enjoyed having this website to help me plan our trip to Disney World.
  18. Jessica & Ginger for sharing their subscription to touring plans with me.
  19. Gus’ sweet little hoarse voice has told me he loves me countless times today.
  20. I’m getting another little nephew!!  Gabriel David!
  21. Yummy green chile’ chicken enchilada casserole for dinner.
  22. Gus asked me why Jesus would want to take stripes on His back for him and I got to tell him, “because He loves you that much!”
  23. Quiet evening to myself.
  24. Got to listen to a good message by one of my favorite pastors, Dennis Rouse.  The Rhythm of Time.
  25. My nephew is going to get to teach the 5th-7th graders at his church!!  So proud of him!
  26. Gus asked me at dinner if there would be chefs in heaven..  I love how He thinks…  He knows there will be food there and he wants to know who will be doing the cooking.
  27. After being at home and inside for the past two days it was nice to sit on the porch for a while and get some fresh air.
  28. The new kids album my husband helped write and produce is available on iTunes!  I Believe In Jesus

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