Day 39

When we went to Disneyland last February my four year old son fulfilled a life long dream of his.  He completed Jedi Training Academy and got to have a light saber duel against Darth Vader!  It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.  After all of the little Padawans battled Darth Vader, he came over and asked them to join him on the dark side and of course they all yelled, “Never!”

Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath, the giant Philistine.  It’s one of the first stories kids learn in Sunday school.  But I’m pretty sure they aren’t teaching this one about David and the Philistines quite as often.. or ever.

1 Samuel 27:1 And David said in his heart, “Now I shall perish someday by the hand of Saul.  There is nothing better for me than that I should speedily escape to the land of the Philistines..”

Wait.  What?  The Philistines?  Really?  There is nothing better for him than to join the “dark side”?  He would rather go live among the idol worshipping Philistines than stay in Israel with God’s people?

God had shown himself faithful to David.  He had always protected him in the past.  Why all of a sudden does David think God will let Saul kill him?  Why is he looking for protection on the “dark side” instead of looking to God for protection?

David was tired.  He was tired of trusting God.  He was tired of running from Saul.  He was discouraged.  The greatest warrior in all of the Bible was now hiding and submitting himself to an ungodly Philistine leader, instead of submitting himself to God like he had always done in the past.  David lived in the land of the Philistines for an entire year and it was not a good year for him.  He was not in God’s will.  You can read about what he was up to in the rest of 1 Samuel 27.. pretty crazy stuff.

God didn’t want this sad story in the Bible so we could say, “it’s okay to get discouraged, because even David got discouraged.”  He wanted this sad story in the Bible to show us what happens if we let discouraging thoughts and lies replace the truth He has given us.  Discouragement is a seed you don’t want to water!  David must have been watering that little seed that was planted in his mind, because it grew and took over his heart and he believed what he said in his heart over what God said.

Discouraging thoughts are going to happen.  They happened to a man after God’s own heart, they’ll happen to us too.  When Satan wants you to join the “dark side” and let discouragement dictate your decisions, yell back “Never!” like a little Padawan yelling at Darth Vader.  Don’t let discouragement take you out of God’s will.

Thankfully this is not where the story ends.. David a discouraged, deflected soldier.  There’s a really happy ending and I can’t wait to share it tomorrow!

  1. God put this story in the Bible so we could see that even great men of God like David faced discouragement.
  2. God showed me that staying discouraged is a big deal and can take you out of His will fast.
  3. The bigness of the sky this morning.  It reminded me how big my God is.
  4. We didn’t have to ask Gus to speak the word this morning on the way to school, he just climbed in the car and started shouting it out.
  5. The polka dot cardigan my mom got me for my birthday 4 years ago.  It’s my favorite piece of clothing and still wear it all the time.
  6. Josh got to take Beau on the carousel at the mall.  Watching them smile together every time they came around made me smile.
  7. Beau loves the Disney store.  I am so excited to see her at Disneyworld in just 59 days!
  8. Good conversation with Josh at lunch today.  I love our Thursdays together!
  9. I worked at Gap in high school and watched moms work the price matching system and now I’m working the same system.  I made $30 today just by taking my receipt from last week back.
  10. We hit a great sale at Gap and got the kids some cute stuff with the gift card my mom sent.
  11. My mom called me this morning to tell me the lady she talked to yesterday who had just had a still born son had been reading my blog and God was using it to minister to her in some really special ways.  God is GOOD!
  12. I got a very sweet phone call from Gus on his way home from school.  His voice still sounds so little on the phone.
  13. Gus had a great, safe, and fun day at school!
  14. The nice post my husband had on his FB about me today.
  15. The nice post my mother in law had on her FB about me today.  I have such good cheerleaders around me!
  16. Josh planned a date night for us tonight!
  17. We have the best baby sitter.  The kids absolutely love her!
  18. The Angelika theater in Plano.  One of my favorite places to go with Josh.
  19. Got to see the movie Robot & Frank.  I wasn’t expecting to cry, but I did.  Really well done movie.
  20. The Everett family gave us a gift card for a date night, so they treated us to dinner!
  21. Sushi!
  22. Our waiter was unbelievably sweet.
  23. Free Starbucks for dessert!
  24. The smell of coffee.  I don’t drink it, but I love how it smells.
  25. The adorable little bunny hanging out on the patio at Starbucks.  I wished Beau could have seen him.
  26. I won Beau’s Halloween costume on e-bay.  Little bidding war going on the last few minutes, but I prevailed and saved $15!
  27. The rainy and cool evening.
  28. The arm rests at the movie theater raise up.

2 thoughts on “Day 39

  1. Angela Martin says:

    My name is Angela and I lost my son August 28th and delivered him September 1st his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. When I found out my heart sunk and I blamed God I have had now 5 pregnancies and 2 living children. My 1st was a miscarriage and then I had a tubal then my 2 wonderful boys where born(4 and 6 yrs old now) and Liam my son I just lost. I had such a bond with him already and I know when I get to be with him one day it will be like we where never apart. But the loss of him was huge for me and my family and I just couldn’t understand why God had to take him. I was at my breaking point I’ve had so many trials in my life I had conquered through with the help of God but this one I had never felt so much pain and I felt like the God I loved couldn’t exist how could he be so cruel between my loss and so many stresses life brings I didn’t want to go on I only found strength through my husband and my 2 boys to go but I felt like I was a shell of myself and didn’t want to keep facing life. Two days ago my oldest son returned to school from being sick and I was faced to being alone with this overwhelming pain when I got out of the car I saw a neighbor and started telling her about my loss. At that time she told me about her daughter which is you and your loss and the blog that u have been writing and told me to take a look at it and how she felt like it could help me and how it as already helped so many. I didn’t feel like anything would actually help me but something told me to read it just like God put your mom and me together that morning. I read this every chance I got through out the day and found so much peace. For starters I’ve been blaiming God and haven’t not once even thought about how the devil takes away and causes so much pain and realised through ur post that I had let satan win he at that second realised no more never again will I let him win God isn’t a evil God he’s a glorious loving God. I prayed for his forgiveness and thanked him for the comfort that I know my baby is ok and to help me defeat the devil from my life and through only my Lord and Savior can I win such a battle. By this morning I felt such a peace and ur mom came by and gave me a copy of ur posting for today and after we spoke (she has been such a blessing and words r so filled with love and kindness and help me so much) I came in and just read the first part where u said God was telling u to read 1 soleman 30 and it spoke to me so I stopped right there and I looked it up and not only the prayers and questions I’ve had since my son went to heaven but the ones I had before where answered. I know this comment was extremly long but wanted to share with u what a blessing u r and ur words even through ur pain have helped me and I’m certain willhelp thousands more

  2. Angela Martin says:

    God has used u and your mom in my life to bring my faith back and bring me back from such a dark place and no words can ever express my gratitude but Thank u so much.

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