Day 38

Yesterday I was working away while Beau was napping and Gus was at school.  TWO full hours to work uninterrupted!  I’m matching up credit card receipts, entering deposits, returning phone calls, and feeling great about all I am getting accomplished.  But about an hour into it, I got interrupted.

Out of no where I felt like I needed to read 1 Samuel 30.  I didn’t even know for sure if there was a 1 Samuel 30, but I’ve never had God give me a specific book of the Bible out of the blue like that, so even though I wanted to keep checking things off of my  to do list, I let God interrupt me.

I got my phone out and was happy to find that 1 Samuel 30 did exist.  I started to read and it totally ministered to me.  God was confirming some things that just a few days earlier I had asked him to confirm.

I’m so thankful He interrupted me.  I’m glad I didn’t brush it off as just a random thought and keep plowing through the tasks that laid before me.  I’m glad I didn’t fall for the “you already had your quiet time today” or “you only have an hour left to get things done” thoughts that came to me.  I needed to read that specific chapter and I may have missed it if I hadn’t been willing to put down my calculator for a second and obey His voice.

What a priceless lesson I learned:  It’s great to have a plan for the day, but if the God of the universe wants to interrupt you in the middle of it, by all means let Him!

  1. God spoke so clearly to me about what He wanted me to read.
  2. He answered my prayer and confirmed something I asked for confirmation on.
  3. He didn’t confirm it the way I thought He would, He did in His own very clever way.
  4. Learned a lesson!  Let God interrupt.
  5. I got to share what I read with my husband and it ministered and confirmed things in his heart too!
  6. Prayer group today.  I love praying with women who are after God’s heart.
  7. The men and women who serve on Wednesday morning so moms like me can go to small group.
  8. When I came to pick Beau up she was going to town on a zebra rocking horse and having a great time.
  9. Gus loves Wednesday morning child care.  He thinks it’s so cool he gets to eat lunch at church!
  10. A sweet friend brought me some clothes her little girl had outgrown for Beau.
  11. God gave me the answer to a problem that had been bothering me.  I should have asked sooner.  He is wisdom!
  12. God cares about what I care about.
  13. Left overs for lunch from the tasty dinner last night!
  14. Gus told me he can’t stop smiling when I’m around.  Seriously?  I LOVE him!
  15. My mother in law told me she waits for my blog to get emailed to her every night and reads it before bed.
  16. I finished my journal today.  Every page is full.  This is by far my most special journal and I’m glad I decided to start writing things down again.
  17. I have a new journal to start in tomorrow.
  18. My mom sent the kids Gap gift cards and books in the mail.
  19. Beau was so excited about the little stickers my mom put on her package.
  20. Gus read his book all afternoon!  5 Spiderman stories in 1 book!  Loves it.
  21. Josh helped me catch up on laundry this evening.
  22. Potato soup and corn bread that everyone loved.. even Beau!
  23. Gus thanked God tonight for giving him a sweet mamma and a dad who likes to wrestle.
  24. Beau wore one of Gus’ old Superman shirts to bed tonight.  She looked so sweet.. like she had on her boyfriends t-shirt.
  25. Sweet note from my dad on FB.
  26. A girl who lives near my mom told her she just had to deliver a son stillborn and my mom was able to tell her about my story and share 10kreasons with her.  I pray it brings her a little peace.
  27. I got paid to stuff letters and watch food network with my husband tonight.
  28. My husband does not have a dangerous job.

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