Day 35

Today I got to teach the five year olds at church about Moses, the baby in the basket.  What a story!  I don’t know if I’ve read it since I became a mother 4 years ago, but it really pulled on my heart strings when I studied it this morning.

Pharaoh had ordered all baby boys born to Israelites to be thrown into the river to drown.  You gotta know Jochebed, the pregnant Israelite woman, was hoping for a girl.  But, she had a son, and the Bible said he was beautiful.  Of course, she fell in love immediately and her and her husband hid the baby for 3 months.

I can’t help but put myself in Jochebed’s shoes.  It had to be so stressful to have to hide a newborn baby for 3 months.  I’m guessing she never let him “cry it out” to get him sleep trained.  She probably couldn’t let him cry at all.  She was probably with him every waking minute, and I’m sure her bond with him grew stronger each passing day.  But the time came when she couldn’t hide him anymore.  She made a basket for him, lined it with his favorite blankie I’m sure, put him in it, and left the basket near the river in some tall grass.  She had to be terrified, right?  Wrong!

Hebrews 11:23 By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command.

This verse tells us she was not afraid.  Moses’ parents hid him not out of fear but out of faith!  When Jochebed left her baby in the basket that day, she was showing God she trusted Him to take care of her son.  She stepped out in faith and God gave her favor.  God not only took care of her son, but He made a way for Jochebad to continue to mother her beautiful baby boy.

Jochebed, a wife and a mother to three children, made a decision to have faith instead of fear and her faith changed the course of history.  Everyday we have to choose fear or faith, to trust or not to trust.  If you choose faith God will choose favor!

  1. This was our story this week for the 5 year old and God used it to minister to me.
  2. Jochebad was full of faith not fear, inspiring me as a mother 3,000 years later to choose faith over fear.
  3. One decision to act in faith instead of fear had a huge impact on history.
  4. God knew what that beautiful boy in the basket was going to do and He would not let the devil stop His plan.
  5. God knew what our beautiful boy, Felix, was supposed to do on this earth and even though he won’t get to fulfill the plans God had for his life, God showed us that He will use our family to fulfill those plans.
  6. Gateway Scottsdale had their first official service today!
  7. Parents who go out of their way to thank volunteers serving in the kids classes.
  8. Fun service with lots of sweet 5 year olds this morning.
  9. Watching football and eating PB&J with Gussy after church.
  10. Beautiful weather again today!
  11. Josh woke up in the middle of the night, wide awake, but prayed and asked God to help him fall back asleep quickly and he did.
  12. Gus was cheering for the Miami Whales this afternoon… I couldn’t correct him.
  13. My calendar says it’s grandparents day so I’m especially thankful for my Grandma and Grandpa Wagner.  I could easily do a whole list about them.
  14. My kids have two sets of amazing grandparents.
  15. My dad reminded me when we lost Felix that his dad, my grandpa who passed away before I was born, was finally getting to hold a great grand baby in heaven.
  16. I inherited two very sweet grandmothers when I married Josh.  MeeMee & Monners.
  17. Mini carpet shampooers.  Saved my rug today.
  18. Gus does not get weary in well doing.  He never gets tired of dressing up in Super Hero costumes.  He does it everyday and everyday he enjoys it as much as the day before.
  19. Gus wanted to play a board game with me this afternoon!  He asked me!  I always have to beg him to play boardgames!
  20. Very, very lazy Sunday afternoon.  Lots of football and naps!
  21. Got to play baseball with Gus tonight.  The Giants beat the Grizzly bears.
  22. For soldiers like Brian Lundy who was killed in action in Afghanistan one year ago today.  I’m so thankful for all of the incredibly brave men and women who serve in the military and fight to keep me and my family safe.
  23. God kept my niece and nephew safe while they served in Afghanistan.
  24. The gorgeous sunset tonight.  I love pink clouds.
  25. We had over 500 kids come through our kids classes this weekend.
  26. 25 of those kids got saved at Gateway Frisco!!!
  27. The Little Tikes black truck we got for Gus for his 2nd Christmas.  He never played with it much, but it’s Beau’s favorite outside toy!
  28. I can share cute pictures and videos with our parents so easily on FB.

One thought on “Day 35

  1. minnyhaggy23 says:

    Thanks for adding Brian to your list, it means a lot! He is the one who was buried in Texas. We stayed at your house for the funeral.

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