Day 34

When someone talks with their mouth full of food, it’s generally frowned upon.  But when someone talks with their mouth full of praise it’s a wonderful thing.

Psalm 71:8 Let my mouth be filled with your praise and with your glory all the day.

I want my mouth to always be full of praise, because that means that my heart is full of praise.  This verse is such a great reminder that we should praise God with our mouths all day long.  Not just in our morning quiet time or when we say a prayer before eating a meal, but through out the entirety of our day.

Since starting my list of 10,000 reasons, my mouth is the fullest it has ever been of praise to my Savior.

I like how Matthew Henry describes how to praise all day- “to intermix with all we say, something or other that may redound to the honor and praise of God.”

When I read Psalm 71:8 today I immediately thought of these lines from the old hymn “Blessed Assurance

This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long.  

What an awesome refrain to an awesome hymn.  Praising my Savior all the day long- I want that to be my story and my song for as long as I live.

  1. This verse came up on YouVersion as soon as I opened my Bible app this morning.
  2. I grew up in a church that sang old hymns.  That’s where I learned “Blessed Assurance.”
  3. Fanny Crosby didn’t allow her blindness to keep her from praising God.  She wrote over 8,000 hymns!  Including “Blessed Assurance.”
  4. The reminder to talk with my mouth full… of praise!
  5. Beau and Josh slept in a little so me and Gus got to have breakfast together, just the two of us.
  6. Gus is always the first one up after me and he always comes and finds me in the kitchen and give me a very sleepy hug.
  7. When I start my quiet time in the morning it is still pitch black outside, but by the time I’m finished the sun has risen and the sky looks beautiful.
  8. The amazing weather today!
  9. Listening to Josh talk to Gus about scaring boys away that want to date Beau someday.
  10. We played outside all morning.
  11. Watching Gus drive Beau around in his power wheels.  It’s like a little glimpse of him driving her to school someday.
  12. Gus picked a rose for Beau and it just happened to have a lady bug inside.  Beau was so fascinated.
  13. Josh took the kids out for a few hours this morning.  I enjoyed having some time alone to get some things done and they enjoyed hanging out with their Dida.
  14. The head to toe husband prayer my niece Courtney shared on FB.
  15. Sweet message from my mother in law letting me know she was missing Felix yesterday too.
  16. Josh listened to a message this afternoon and then came and preached it to me.  I love having a husband I can talk about God’s Word with.
  17. Gateway app.
  18. The song “I Stir Up The Gift”  My father in law wrote it after his daughter lost a baby several years ago.  The words are so good.  I sang that song as a teenager at church and never knew what inspired it.
  19. Gus decided it was Beau’s stuffed Duck’s birthday.  We had a big party for him.  Cake, presents..  it was so fun we lost track of time and were nearly late to church.
  20. I got to sit by my friend Anna tonight at church.
  21. Beau was SO excited when Gus & I came to get her from her class tonight.
  22. Awesome praise & worship tonight.  I love hearing all the people singing out “Great, great, there is no one like our God!”
  23. Good word from our praise & worship leader- we don’t worship to get something we worship because we’ve already been given something.  The perfect gift of Jesus.
  24. We get to hear Pastor Robert every week without driving all the way to Southlake.
  25. The way my chubby daughter looked in her skinny jeans tonight.  Adorable.
  26. The weather this evening after church was SO nice!
  27. Josh in his little red dress pants.
  28. Good taco chilli waiting on us when we got home.

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