Day 31

I had a few packages I needed to ship today, so it was off to the post office for me and the kids this morning.  When we walked in Gus said, “it smells funny in here.”  At the exact same moment I was thinking “it smells good in here.”  Have you ever noticed that the post office has a very distinct smell?  I don’t know what it is.. fresh ink, adhesives, tape guns.. I’m not sure, but no matter which post office you go in, it has that smell.

My mom retired from the post office, so the smell is very nostalgic to me.  It always reminds me of driving all the way to downtown Tulsa with my dad and little brother and going inside the neat, old federal building where my mom worked the window for the postal service.  We would surprise her with a visit and then take her out to lunch.  Coney Island or Pizzetti’s Pizza.

It was interesting to me how something that smelled “funny” to Gus, smelled good to me.

2 Corinthians 2:15-16 Our offering to God is to be the perfume of Christ that goes out to those who are being saved and to those who are being lost. 16 To those who are being lost, this perfume smells like death, and it brings them death. But to those who are being saved, it has the sweet smell of life, and it brings them life. So who is good enough to do this work?

As Christians we are supposed to be putting off a scent of some kind and it comes from our relationship with God.  We will either smell sweetly to other believers or like death to those on the way to hell.  That last part sounds kinda brutal, but the smell of death is likely to wake people up and make them more aware of their need for a savior.  The bottom line being, we should smell!

Our spiritual aroma should affect everyone around us.  It will affect people differently, just like the smell of the post office affected Gus & I differently, but as long as people can smell the perfume of Christ coming off of you, you can make a difference in their day, week, month or life.

  1. God showed me that it’s important to always put on the perfume of Christ.
  2. The amazing way our noses can smell and create such vivid, lasting memories.
  3. How the kids smell after bath time.
  4. How a tube of M&M minis smells the first time you pop it open.
  5. The smell of fresh herbs.
  6. The smell of Christmas trees..  approximately 81 days until that is happening at our house!
  7. The smell of the post office.
  8. The surprise lunches with my mom, dad, and Zachary.
  9. My mom was the nicest, most helpful, and most hard working employee the post office has ever seen.
  10. She’s retired and gets to spend her days taking care of her mom and sweet grand babies.
  11. My niece sent me a text just to let me know she was thinking of us and missing us.
  12. I finally did my “Strengths Finder” test last week and wouldn’t you know Josh & I have the same #1 strength.. Belief!    I’m thankful we have some strong belief between us to pass down to our kids.
  13. The mosquito warning sign that was up at the park today.  Nice to know before unloading the kids and getting attacked.
  14. The mosquito free park we went to instead we had all to ourselves.
  15. Since there are no trees tall enough to provide shade where we live, I love when parks have manufactured shade.
  16. Boys can pee outside.
  17. Beau was sliding down the highest slides at the park today like it was nothing.  She’s so brave.
  18. Football season kicks off tonight!
  19. Fantasy football.  I couldn’t get into watching football when Josh & I were dating, until I got my own team.  I’ve had one every year for the last 9 years and I love football season!
  20. Football food.  Chicken nachos and homemade salsa tonight.
  21. The huge inflatable Dallas Cowboy my dad got us.  Makes game day exciting for Gus.
  22. Josh has made a commitment to not get bummed out if the Cowboys aren’t great this year.
  23. DVR.  Got to fast forward through all of the unimportant stuff.
  24. Got to teach Gus a big word tonight “Omnipresent”
  25. We read the Bible story about Jesus turning water into “special juice” today and later I heard Gus saying he wished God would turn his bottle of water into juice.
  26. Fresh food feeder and frozen mango.  Beau needed something cold to soothe her little gums and it did the trick!
  27. Stumbled upon the cutest video.  Me & Beau watched it about 30 times today.  It’s so much friendlier with 2!
  28. I went to pick up Beau this morning and something pulled in my back.  I thought I was going to be in pain all day, so I prayed and it got better.

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