Day 30

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

This verse was ringing in my ears this morning as I was playing baby dolls with my daughter.  Today was my four years olds first day back to preschool, thus I had some really wonderful and very special one on one time with my sweet little Celia Beau.  As I was watching her play I thought about how had we had Felix in November these one on one moments would only last for two more short months.

I wanted another baby boy and I know that’s what God wanted to.  But we were stolen from.  We won’t welcome a son this November, but God reminded me this morning that ALL things (not just good things, bad things too) work together for good.

He can take something awful and turn it into something good for those who love Him.  And that’s me- I love Him!  I know He’s taking what happened to us and turning it into so many good things.

Those important and priceless one on one moments with Beau I will now get to enjoy for the entire school year.  I could tell this morning she enjoyed having my undivided attention and I loved being able to give it to her.  I believe God will use our mornings together this year to help Beau and I form a life long friendship.   I’m so thankful that I serve a God who makes ALL things work together for my good.

  1. My very fun morning with my very sweet daughter.
  2. That God showed me how He is and will continue to make ALL things work together for my good.
  3. Gus started Pre-K today!  And loved it so much!
  4. The tiny pocket on Beau’s pocket T.
  5. My sweet husband pointing out the tiny pocket.
  6. I discovered a little birth mark on Beau’s leg today.  It’s so cute.
  7. Quiet and peaceful house this afternoon.
  8. Very productive work day.
  9. Got to listen to an awesome podcast from about having fun in marriage.
  10. Face to face time, side to side time, and belly button to belly button time with Josh.. having fun in marriage!
  11. Got to listen to another awesome podcast from about staying pure in marriage.
  12. 2 years into our marriage God took our impurities and made us pure and showed us how to keep ourselves pure.
  13. My friend Elisa welcomed a sweet baby boy this morning!  Healthy baby, healthy mom!
  14. We live so close to Gus’ school.
  15. The drive home from school and hearing all about his day.
  16. “I was impressed by the new cars they have in my class” – Gus
  17. Gus reminded me that summer would come again and I would be able to see his face all day.
  18. Popcorn snack after school tradition.
  19. This blog is going to be shared in a new book called “No One Could Know.”  I’m excited about it reaching more people who are going through difficult times.  Another way God is making all things work together for good.
  20. This song that we sang at Guts Church hundreds of times.  It helped me memorize Rom 8:28.
  21. Gus requested pancakes for his first day of school dinner.  It was fun!  New first day of school tradition.
  22. The new pancake recipe I found.  Vinegar.. who knew?
  23. The kids got to face time with their nana & papa tonight.
  24. Watching Gus & Josh play catch after dinner.  Gus was catching a big football really good!
  25. Josh bought me a fan for my 16th birthday and told me to get used to sleeping with it.. I did and I love it.
  26. Figured out a new once a month date night plan.
  27. First day of school picture magnet Gus made for us today.
  28. My nephew and niece are leading a small group!  So proud of them!

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