Day 29

I’m sure for many people making a list of 28 complaints every day would be easier than making a list of 28 things they are thankful for.  We all are guilty of complaining.  It comes so naturally.  I have never taught my 17 month old to complain, yet she still does it.  She can’t put together sentences and say “I don’t like cold milk!”  But she can push it away, make ugly faces, and cry to let me know that she does NOT like cold milk.

My four year old can make sentences however, so we are always reminding him that the Bible says God  hears our complaining and griping and He doesn’t like to listen to it.

Numbers 11:1 Now when the people complained, it displeased the Lord; for the Lord heard it, and His anger was aroused.  So the fire of the Lord burned among them, and consumed some in the outskirts of the camp.

Sometimes we forget that God hears us all of the time.  He doesn’t just listen when we are praying.  He’s always listening.  The Israelites (the people guilty of complaining in that verse) had nothing to complain about.  At this point they had been totally set up!  God had done so much for them, yet they still murmured.  We can be the same way.  We have been totally set up by God, yet we still complain.  And just like it displeased Him to hear the Israelites griping, it displeases Him to hear us griping.  Why does He take it so personally?  Because when we complain it shows how little gratitude we have for what He has done for us in the past and how little faith we have about how He can work in whatever situation we are currently in.

However you prefer to complain..  out of your mouth, on your status update, by tweeting or texting.. think about who’s listening to your heart.  It’s not just your family, friends, and followers that hear, God does too.

  1. God has blessed us and we have nothing to complain about.
  2. I can hide chronic complainers from my FB feed.
  3. Beau likes to go to the grocery store with me.
  4. Gus thinks I’m a good cooker.
  5. Watching everyone smile at Beau driving around in her little grocery cart car.
  6. A extra day off with Josh!  Happy Labor Day!!
  7. Got lots of hugs from the boys this morning.
  8. Josh & Gus washed our cars this afternoon.
  9. Gus gets so excited anytime he gets to do anything where it’s just him and his dad.
  10. Even with the unexpected loss of Felix we had a great summer.
  11. Gus learned to swim this summer.
  12. Beau learned to walk this summer.
  13. We had our family stay with us several times this summer.
  14. Splash pads, sprinklers, water slides, and swimming pools.
  15. Swim diapers.
  16. Gus got to play on his first T-Ball team.
  17. We got to throw Gus a surprise birthday party!
  18. We grew in our relationship with God by leaps and bounds.
  19. Our family has grown closer than ever before.
  20. The kids got to make some great memories with the grandparents during their first trip to Tulsa without us!
  21. Josh and I got to spend a few days where it was just the two of us.  72 straight hours of dating.
  22. Got to celebrate the last day of summer with some of our favorite people.. the Hall family!
  23. The Halls only live 3 minutes away now instead of 18 hours!!
  24. Really good burgers, home made ice cream, and apple pie for dinner.
  25. My hair is clean.
  26. Josh cleaned up the kitchen and put away the dishes so I could wash my hair.
  27. Gus is excited about his first day of preschool tomorrow!
  28. Beau needed extra love and cuddling before bed tonight.  I took full advantage.

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