Day 26

I read Psalm 145 last week and I really loved it, but after reading and thinking on it for a day I moved on to something else. Well God brought me back to it yesterday.  So I read it again and this time a few words really stood out.  When I read them I had to stop and say them out loud to myself a few times, as I was doing that I heard in my spirit God say, “this is your verse for the year.”

Psalm 145:6 Men shall speak of the might of your awesome acts, And I will declare your greatness.

I will declare your greatness.  That was the part God wanted me to see.  That was the part He wanted me to know was for me.  So I decided to pick it apart word for word and I found out that the word “declare” in the original Hebrew means “to count.”

As soon as I saw that I started to smile.  Seriously, He’s so cool!!  And I will COUNT your greatness.. I’ll count it all the way to 10,000 and then I’ll keep counting!

It’s really amazing when people prophecy over you or someone has a word of knowledge for you, but it’s just as amazing when God speaks to you so personally when you are reading the Bible.  By the time I finish today’s list I’ll have counted 725 things that I am thankful for.

  1. God brought me back to Psalm 145.
  2. My concordance for showing me that the word declare was the same as the word count.
  3. God speaks to us through the Bible.
  4. God wants us to know He knows where we are and what we need in every season of our lives.
  5. Went to “meet the teacher” morning at preschool and I’m very excited about Gus’ teacher this year!
  6. 2 years ago Josh got up at 3:30 a.m. to wait in line at Gus’ preschool to assure him a spot in the 3 year old class!
  7. Picnic style breakfast this morning on the pallet left over from movie night.
  8. My new water bottle.  I’ve had twice as much water today than I usually do.  Trying to get better at that.
  9. Got to hold Beau for 20 minutes or so in her dark room this morning.
  10. The softness of Beau’s skin.
  11. Restful afternoon.
  12. Josh made the kids lunch.
  13. My friend Briana’s little girl is in the same class. So nice to have a friend to sit by at preschool events.
  14. God helps me figure out what to say when someone who doesn’t know what happened asks when I had the baby.  I dreaded those situations at first, but they get easier every time.
  15. Disneyland tickets arrived safely in the mail today!!
  16. Gus and Beau are complete opposites, yet they are both so awesome!
  17. Gus took a nap this afternoon.
  18. I got to shop for school supplies today!  One of my favorite things to do when I was little.
  19. Playing with Beau in her closet floor today.
  20. Josh’s day off.
  21. BBQ chicken and corn on the cob for dinner courtesy of Chef Josh.
  22. “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin.  Such awesome, vivid words.
  23. Filling out a little about me paper for Gus’ school and I asked him what makes him special and he said “I’m a gift from God.”
  24. Gus’ little slicked back hair after a bath.  So very dapper.
  25. Josh is very hands on when it comes to picking out the kids clothes and shoes.  I like an involved dad!
  26. Watched Forrest Gump tonight with my “best good friend.”
  27. Gus was fever free all day today!
  28. Josh and I always get in bed together.  Even if he’s not tired.

2 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    It helps me to feel closer to Josh, the kids, and you when I read about the little things you do together. It helps with the distance in miles between us. I can visualize you holding Beau and Gus with his slicked back hair. I know that your blog is blessing everyone who reads it including your Dad and me. Love you so much.

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