Day 25

Today I had to go back to the doctor for my post natal check up.  I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  Memories of the last time I was there are still so fresh in my mind.  I can still see the ultrasound monitor with no flashing light.. no heartbeat.

But, I got some tears out last night and thanks to the advice of my friend J.J. I decided to “stick it to the devil and let him know that not only am I going to this appointment in peace, but that one day I will go to multiple OB appointments when I am pregnant with the next Baby Blount who is healthy and thriving, who goes full term, and fulfills all the plans God has for him/her ON THE EARTH.”  Yeah, she’s an awesome friend!

So I get there and I’m feeling good, thinking of things I’m thankful for for my list, and waiting…. and waiting… and waiting some more.  After 45 minutes I was starting to get a little irritated by all the waiting, and then I looked up and saw a girl who was all alone, leaving the lobby in tears.  I’ve been in that office at least 25 times and I’ve never seen anyone walk out in tears.  I got up and followed her out the door and caught her before she got on the elevator.  I asked her if she was okay.  She said she just found out she had miscarried.  I told her how sorry I was and about what had happened to me just 7 weeks ago and how God has helped me every step of the way since then.  She was a Christian.  She let me pray with her and hug her for a while.

It was not a coincidence that I made my appointment for today. Or that my doctor was even slower than usual at seeing me.  I know God wanted me to be there to comfort Paige.  Her husband was at work.  She had no one to hold her and tell her it was going to be okay.  I’m so glad God used me to do that for her.

A few minutes later I finally got called back to see the doctor, and I was fired up!  I was bursting with excitement and felt like I was glowing as I was talking to him about what God has been doing in our lives since the last time he saw us.  God heard my prayer and this appointment was not sad, but wonderful.  So first on my list tonight..

  1. God’s perfect timing!  Being in the right place at the right time to be Jesus to someone.
  2. The boldness that came over me.  I’m not usually the type to talk to crying strangers.
  3. My doctor’s encouragement about future pregnancies.
  4. J.J.’s message.
  5. That God heard me singing out last night “I wanna be used by you”
  6. Anna Hall for praying for me during my doctors appointment.
  7. The 45 minutes I had to wait.. got to read my Bible and write some of this list.
  8. Saw a post from a friend on FB yesterday- she was praying her son would get to take his cast off early and he got it off today, 12 weeks early!!  Thank you Lord for going above and beyond.
  9. Grocery shopping with my favorite girl.
  10. My sister Mindy bought me the song “Speak Life”  Love the words!!
  11. Bought our tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parade!!
  12. Bills are paid!
  13. The great sound system in Josh’s car that helped me welcome God with praise this morning on the way to the doctor.
  14. Josh mowed the grass!  We can play outside again!
  15. I’ve got 3 pairs of blue eyes I get to see everyday.
  16. Marry Poppins movie night!  It was “practically perfect in every way!”
  17. Gus kept telling me how much Bert reminded him of Twist from the Fresh Beat Band.  Good observation!
  18. Beau trying to tap dance like the penguins in the movie.
  19. Vanilla Sleepy Time Tea.
  20. My mom’s pink terry cloth robe.  I remember getting it and covering up with it anytime I didn’t feel good.
  21. Gus wasn’t feeling good tonight and I let him snuggle with my robe.
  22. Gus’ Darth Vader sleeping bag.  He thinks it’s so cool to sleep in our room every once in awhile.
  23. Home made burritos.
  24. Josh finished designing the new CD art for “I Believe In Jesus” and added a special note from his heart for Felix.
  25. Gus is feeling better!
  26. Great study time this morning.
  27. I noticed I booked a very important Breakfast at Disney World with Pooh Bear for Beau on the wrong day.  I thought it might be too late to find any other openings, but thankfully Beau & Pooh will get to have lunch together!
  28. Josh changed Beau’s crib sheets for me.

One thought on “Day 25

  1. Shannon says:

    Wonderful, just wonderful! I’m enjoying these so much! I didn’t read every one at first, but now I’m looking forward to you posting every day. And you usually post right when I’m done with my Bible reading, so it’s a little bonus devotional for me. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

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