Day 24

My daughter Beau is 17 months and she’s still pretty little.  She measures 32 inches tall, which makes her 40 inches shorter than her dad.  Much of her day is spent walking around looking at everyone else’s legs, so she loves it when someone bends down to her level.  When I read this verse I thought of Beau and the way Josh will bend down to listen to her little jibber-jabber.

Psalm 116:2 Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.

What a sweet verse.  Just like Josh bends down to listen to Beau, our heavenly father bends down to listen to us.  God gives us His undivided attention.  Sometimes when I pray it seems like I am just jibber-jabbering, but He knows the secrets of my hearts and He’s there listening attentively, getting it all down.

That melts and stirs my heart all at the same time.  Because He listens, because it’s not a waste of time, because He answers us, I will pray as long as I have breath!

  1. YouVersion for making that the scripture of the day the other day.
  2. My sister Mindy, for posting it on her wall.
  3. The way He speaks to us in such personal ways.
  4. The way He listens to me when I pray.. totally focused on what I’m saying.
  5. Anointed time of prayer today with some really amazing ladies.
  6. Free childcare at Gateway during small groups.
  7. Gus loved his class and asked if he could go back tomorrow.
  8. The childcare is more than just playing and watching movies they actually take time to teach them a lesson.
  9. Kids were fed and ready for nap time when I picked them up.
  10. Beau is never in a rush.  She always takes time to stop and smell the roses.. literally.
  11. Someone said something that reminded me of something important I was supposed to do tonight!  So thankful I did not forget about it.
  12. Quiet afternoon with the kids and play-doh.
  13. I left my journal at a friend’s house and she made a special trip to bring it back to me.
  14. I found Beau before she had time to get the toothpaste she found all over the house.
  15. Cereal or sandwich night!
  16. Chopsticks.  This book made me laugh out loud as I was reading it to Gus.  Very cute!
  17. I finally got all 1,460 pictures off of my iPhone and onto my computer so I can take new pictures again.
  18. How easy it is to capture cuteness with a camera phone.
  19. He has delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.  Ps 116:8
  20. He delivers us from tears but understands when we still shed a few.
  21. Spent the whole evening talking with my husband.
  22. Gus’ C3P-0 voice.
  23. My extra thick hair takes a while to blow dry & straighten, so on hair washing nights I get lots of time to spend with God.
  24. “I Want To Be Used By You”  A great song by Deluge.
  25. A game of name that tune at dinner.
  26. I had time to update the music on my iPhone.  I have had the same play list for the last 3 years.. so happy to have some new songs to listen to.
  27. Beau cried when we had to get her out of the bathtub because she wasn’t done playing with her new Pooh Bear from Grammy.
  28. I didn’t want to play black eyed monster and police robot with Gus this afternoon, but I did and I could tell it made his day!

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