Day 23

The night we were in the hospital to deliver our son Felix (who was still born) my mother in law, Trudi woke up to pray for us around 4 a.m.  She did not like that we were alone in the hospital going through such a dark, dark time.  She wanted to be there with us, but she was staying with our kids.  As she was praying God showed her something amazing- me in the hospital bed, Josh next to me, and Jesus right there in the room with us.  He wanted her to see that we weren’t alone.

When she told us that a verse came to me.  Psalm 22:3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

The Lord inhabits (dwells, remains, abides) the praises (songs or hymn of praise) of His people.  When Trudi woke up to pray and saw Jesus there with us was right when we decided that we were going to praise God!  We turned on some worship music and began to sing praises to Him in the midst of our pain and heartbreak.  I believe our praises welcomed Jesus into that room with us.  I know He was there.  I know what she saw was real.

I can’t help but think about that now when I’m worshipping at church, in the car, the shower or wherever.  Jesus shows up in really special ways when we praise Him.

He is surrounded with the praises of angels, yet he is pleased to live in our praises!  Oh, how He loves us!

  1. To borrow a line from another Matt Redman song… Never Once Did We Ever Walk Alone!
  2. God woke more than one person up that night to pray for us.. all at the same time.
  3. God doesn’t mind that I don’t sing like an angel.. He still lives in my praises.
  4. A few weeks ago Gus’ pediatrician screened his eyes and said he may need glasses.  We didn’t want him to have to mess with that as a 4 year old.  We have been speaking the word over his eyes and today we went to a child Ophthalmologist and he said Gus’ eyes were great and he will not need glasses!  Praise God!
  5. 42 years ago Trudi Burk & Ken Blount became Mr & Mrs Blount.
  6. They got saved the first year of their marriage.
  7. They got filled with the Holy Spirit shortly after they were saved.
  8. They believed God would make the barren woman to keep house and be a joyful mother of children and God healed Trudi and they had my sister in law Brooke.
  9. They believed God again and had my husband Joshua.
  10. They have always obeyed God!  Even if it meant moving to a new state, leaving behind a successful business to start a Christian cowboy show for kids.
  11. They have modeled a Godly marriage to us and to countless others.  They are the real deal!
  12. They prayed me into Josh’s life.
  13. They welcomed me in as their daughter and they truly feel like a second set of parents to me.
  14. They have walked us through some of the hardest times in our lives.
  15. They love my kids and my kids love them.  They are such wonderful grandparents.
  16. They started Ken Blount Ministries and now I’m blessed to work there!
  17. Thank you God for bringing together those 2 farm kids in the tiny town of Kress Texas.  For saving them and for forever changing my life!
  18. 21 new books from the library and got to spend at least an hour reading them with Gus this afternoon.
  19. Gus is not ashamed to do puppet shows at the library and sing songs about Jesus very loudly so everyone can hear!
  20. My house is clean again!
  21. Beau said “thank you” today!!
  22. Gus got to play with his friend Connor tonight.
  23. I got to have some one on one time with Beau while the boys played.
  24. I made a meal for my family tonight that my mom used to make for our family growing up.
  25. “Don’t worry we are almost home sugar plum” – Gus to Beau on the way home this afternoon.
  26. I got to talk to my nephew for a little while today.
  27. Purchased our park hoppers for Disney World!!
  28. Saved $104 through Orlando Ticket Club.

2 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. Dori Miller says:

    I loved reading your blog today,it blessed me and reminded me of when our babies went to be with Jesus and God gave us such a grace to go through it and we praised Him in that time too.God is so good and this encouraged me to be MORE aware of His presence,thank you for your sweet words.Dori

  2. Angela Martin says:

    Thank u so much for sharing this post it helps me realise he does give us visions even during a time of great pain to help us be comforted not just for that moment but forever. Soon after my delivery of my son I was rushed into surgery for an emergency dnc my blood prssure had completly dropped and I was passed out during that time I remeber being in a beautiful green meadow and their was Liam so angelic and beautiful he says mommy I love u and Ill be ok and I said I love u and ur an angel now and at that time I woke up and could speak clear and was able to let the drs know who where performing the surgery at that time that I was haveing problems with my heart which turned out to be the debris from the placenta got into my blood stream and went to my heart. After ur helpful words I feel with out those few precious moments God gave me I would not of had the strength to of probably ever woke up. But he gave me that not just for that moment but to last me til Liam and I meet again. Sarah keep up this blessing u have to reach out to people because u r going to touch so many people just like u have me and thank u.

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