Day 22

I’ve always heard about how David was “a man after God’s own heart.”  That ‘s a pretty popular verse from the Bible.  It’s on greeting cards, Father’s Day Face Book posts, read at funerals, men’s retreats, and so on.  Sometimes when you hear things so frequently they can become familiar and lose some of their value.  But when I read those words this morning, they really stood out to me.

King Saul believed in God.  He even knew about making sacrifices.  In 1 Samuel 13 he made a sacrifice to the Lord, but He didn’t do it like God had commanded Him to.  He did it on his own terms.  And He lost His kingdom because of it.

1 Samuel 13:14 But now your kingdom shall not continue. The Lord has sought for Himself a man after His own heart, and the Lord has commanded him to be commander over His people, because you have not kept what the Lord commanded you.”

It wasn’t that God was looking for someone perfect.  Saul’s replacement was King David who definitely was not perfect, but he was a man after God’s own heart.  He was after God’s mind, will, and understanding.

What was the difference between Saul’s relationship with God and David’s?
Saul was more concerned with his will than God’s will.  David knew God’s will was most important.
For Saul, Saul was king.  For David, the Lord was King.
Saul made excuses for sin.  David repented.

Saul thought God would help him achieve goals.  For David, God was the goal.

God knows what we are after in our relationship with Him.  I want to be after his heart- his will, his mind, his understanding.  I want my motives to be pure, because I know he never stops searching.

  1. For David Guzik’s really great commentary on 1 Sam 13:14.
  2. That God is still searching for those after His heart.
  3. The reminder to keep my relationship with God about Him.  It’s not about what He can do for me.
  4. My niece and nephew got prophesied over last night.  I’m so glad they got to experience such an amazing gift of the Spirit.
  5. Nice morning for a walk and bike ride with the kids.
  6. My parents did a god job documenting things in my life like the first day of school.  I loved seeing all of my friend’s pictures of their kids on their first day today and it made me think of my first day pictures.
  7. My 3rd grade teacher.  Mrs. Day.  My favorite teacher by far.  She saw the gift of writing in me and encouraged me to pursue it even at such a young age.
  8. My parents for taking me to Young Authors Conferences when I was in elementary school.  They always let me try out things I was interested in.
  9. Memories of walking to school every day with my little brother after watching Rugrats.
  10. That same little brother is now a school teacher!  Thankful God has placed him somewhere where he can make a difference in his student’s lives.
  11. I got to stay in the same school district from kindergarden until I graduated.
  12. I got to graduate from high school a year early.
  13. Found a new snack Beau absolutely loves.  Sun Snack Mix Ups Berry Crunch.
  14. Fun play date this morning!
  15. My friends don’t mind a messy house.
  16. Watching the sun come up with Beau through the upstairs windows.  I could tell she really thought it was beautiful.
  17. Filled out a new patient form for Gus and was able to mark “no” next to all of the past medical issue questions.
  18. My sister Mindy takes so many pictures at family events.  I miss not being able to go to all the birthday parties, but when I see her pictures they make me feel like I was there.
  19. My parents were just on a mini vacation and spent their first night helping a lady who had been beat up by her boyfriend get to a safe place and shared Jesus with her.
  20. My mom takes after her dad!
  21. Beau gets so excited about nap time everyday.  What a good baby!
  22. When I opened a package of receipts I got in the mail from Ken Blount Ministries there was a surprise new make up brush!
  23. Beau took a 3 hour nap this afternoon!  I think she’s still recovering from her trip to Tulsa.
  24. Gus told me he missed Beau and asked if he could wake her up from her nap.
  25. My friend Anna brought over all of her girls size 6 shoes for Beau to borrow.
  26. I put 5 things on Ebay last night and 3 were already sold this morning!
  27. ‎537 precious people were born again this weekend at Gateway!
  28. Cabins booked at Robbers Cave for Newsom/Haggard family reunion next June!

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