Day 20

Only once do the words “Joy Inexpressible” occur in the New Testament.

You can find them in 1 Peter 1:8 You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy.

When we put our trust in God it brings us joy.  But not just any joy, a joy so profound it’s beyond the power of words.  That’s some serious joy!  When I read that verse it reminded me of these lyrics that my husband Josh wrote  for a kid’s song called “Love Out Loud”

I can’t see Him, I can’t touch Him, but I know He’s here with me.

I can’t hug Him, but I love Him and I show Him when I sing.

What a great picture of how children view their Savior.  They don’t need to see or feel something to believe He’s real.  They just trust.  And in return they are full of joy.  Most kids I know have way more joy than most adults that I know.  I think it comes from their ability to trust.

If you want some inexpressible joy (and who doesn’t?!) trust like a kid today!

  1. The joy we receive in return for trusting God.
  2. Even though I’ve never seen Jesus or touched Him, I just have to look around and can see Him in His creation.
  3. Got the good two seats facing forward grocery cart at Target this morning.
  4. Josh helped me put away groceries, put away dishes, and helped make the kids lunch.
  5. Crock pots!  Love coming home Saturday night after church to a home cooked meal.
  6. Fun afternoon at a birthday party for one of Gus & Beau’s sweet friends from church.
  7. Got to see lots of gals from church today and visit while the kids partied!
  8. The way Beau looks in blue.
  9. Gus and I quote “wasn’t so sure” about the girly party today.  He’s getting so big!
  10. Josh told me I was a good mom.
  11. Josh has to dress up for church.  I like a guy in a tie.
  12. The great new study my mother in law is doing on the accomplished woman.
  13. Very satisfying tortilla soup for dinner.
  14. Gus in his Peter Pan hat and Beau in her fairy wings.
  15. We live in a country where we have the right to go to church.
  16. Fridge and pantry are full once again.
  17. My sister is coming to church again this weekend!!!
  18. Even though it was a very busy Saturday I accomplished all that needed to be accomplished around here.
  19. I remembered to grab my notebook before church!
  20. Gus always goes into “If You’re Happy and You Know It” for Beau if she gets fussy in the car.. and it always makes her happy.
  21. The volunteers that watched and ministered to Beau & Gus so I could go to church tonight.
  22. The message about being born again Pastor Robert preached.  Everyone, everywhere should hear it.
  23. For all of the people that made the decision to get born again tonight at church.
  24. Got to take communion at church.  So thankful for His body that was broken for me and His blood that was shed for me.
  25. I remembered to take back the movie we rented yesterday.
  26. Gus’ bedtime prayer tonight was so sweet and sincere.  I agree, we have the best Lord ever.
  27. The family picture Gus drew at church tonight.  His stick figures have improved!
  28. He has won the victory!  He has won it all for me!

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