Day 9

I saw this verse posted on Facebook last night and I couldn’t wait to read it again this morning.  Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God in your midst, the mighty one, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness.  He will quiet you with his love.  He will rejoice over you with singing”

I don’t know why, but I’ve never really thought of God as singing, but of course He does.  We sing and we are made in His image.  But what’s really beautiful is what it says He sings about.  Not about the purple mountains majesty He created, or the sky blue sky, or an Octopus’ Garden.  He sings over me!  He sings over us, His most prized possession.  We give Him so much delight, that He breaks into song over us.  Can you imagine what he sounds like?  Better than the best singer anywhere, ever.

When I was talking to my husband about this verse he said he pictured a parent going into their crying baby’s room, picking them up out of their crib, holding them close and singing over them.. quieting them with their love.  Meditating on that brings so much joy to my heart that I can’t help but sing to Him!

  1. That God sings over me.
  2. Gus let me hold him in my lap for a few minutes this morning before he had to start fighting crime.
  3. Gus always wants to go with me to wake up “sleeping beauty” (his sister Beau) every morning.
  4. Wonderful health insurance and benefits.  All of our labor and delivery bills are paid and it cost us zero!
  5. Josh is so happy with where he is at in ministry right now.
  6. The awesome word God gave Gateway Frisco today!  All hands on deck, our campus is about to explode!
  7. The volunteers who worked child care today so I could go to the service!!!
  8. Beau asked to watch Little Einsteins today by saying “Pat, Pat!”  and pointing at the TV.
  9. I got to take a power nap and hold Beau while she watched “Pat Pat.”
  10. Coming home to a clean house.
  11. My mom has always purchased magazine subscriptions for me.  When I was little it was Highlights and Ranger Rick..  I got my Real Simple in the mail today.  Thanks mom!
  12. When Beau tries to whisper.
  13. Listening to Gus cheer for Josh while they play Wii bowling together.
  14. Picnic that took place between Beau, Josh & Cinderella.
  15. The smell of fresh chopped Rosemary.
  16. Beau’s brown hair is getting longer and thicker.
  17. Josh can fix things around the house.  When I married him I never thought I’d see him in a tool belt, but he wears it nicely now.
  18. That Gus and Beau play together..  chase mostly.
  19. Josh took time to text me today to tell me his was missing me.
  20. Hot water that lasts the entire length of my shower.
  21. We bought our plane tickets to Orlando today!  89 days til Disney!
  22. We have a much needed play room.
  23. That my husband wakes up and seeks God first every morning.
  24. My arms are sore.  That means my workout yesterday was successful.
  25. Our dinner..  We felt like bears.  Salmon & Blackberries.
  26. Gus always brings me a diaper and wipes for Beau when I ask.
  27. Stormy weather.
  28. My Personalized Promise Bible.  The Bible is supposed to be personal and I love how James Riddle has taken every promise in the Bible and personalized it just for me.

2 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Kelsie says:

    Zephaniah 3:17 is my favourite verse. The conjunction of calling God “the Mighty One” and talking about his singing, both together in the same verse, makes me smile every single time. He’s literally the God of the universe, strong, glorious, overpowering, MIGHTY…and he’s rejoicing over me, singing and dancing, unable to contain his happiness. There are no words for that. That’s just…wow.

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